On Deccan Queen’s 88th Birthday Today, Railway Ministry Gifts A Refurbished Dining Car!

Railway Ministry celebrates Deccan Queen's birthday by gifting a refurbished dining car!

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The Deccan Queen train is celebrating its 88th birthday today and the passengers who frequently travel between Mumbai and Pune will be treated with revamped dining car that includes modern facilities with astounding interiors.

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This is not the first overhauling version of the train, hitherto it has gone through numerous changes in designing over the years. Deccan Queen is always crammed with commuters who regularly run between Mumbai and Pune The train's dining coach has a capacity for providing food to nearly 30 passengers. But with a modern kitchen and well-equipped pantry and the train is capable of accommodating at least 1,400 passengers in total.

Pune divisional railway manager B K Dadabhoy elaborated on the changes that the train will go through.

There are various things which will be modified in this dining car, keeping to the Central Railway's plans. The seating arrangements, interior design and colour combinations inside the coach will also be changed. Some pictures and posters will be put up, providing information on the Indian Railways, inside the pantry car. But, there will be no change in the menu, which is served to the passengers.

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Talking more on this Harsha Shah, president of Railway Pravasi Manch said,

The existing dining car was rebuilt from an old first-class coach in the Mumbai railway workshop. The train, which was initially introduced with two rakes of seven coaches each, now runs with 17 coaches, including four AC chair cars, one dining car, 10 second class chair cars and two second class-cum-brake vans. In December 2014, this dining car was removed from the Deccan Queen after which passengers demanded to bring it back. So, on June 1, 2015, it was brought back and now serves thousands of passengers daily, travelling between Pune and Mumbai.

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