Carnivorous North American Fish Found In Pune's Pavana Dam

The fish is a skilled ambush predator and uses stealth and strategy to pound on its prey.

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The state fisheries department have been alarmed after netting of a deadly carnivorous North American fish in Pavana dam. The netting raised alarms as the presence of the fish can possibly affect the bio-diversity of the dam.

A 17 cm long and 2.5 kg heavy fish, was identified as the ‘alligator gar’. Officials claim the fish looks much like the American alligator with a broad snout and long & sharp teeth, which is why the name.

AM Gadwal, section engineer at Pavana dam said, “Upon being alerted about the catch last week by local fishermen, we took the view of fish experts who confirmed that it was the alligator gar. It is carnivorous and kills other fish in the water body it inhabits.”

“The experts told us that it is an exotic fish found exclusively in North America,” he added.

Janak Bhonsale, fishery development officer said the carnivore feed on other fish for survival, thus making it a danger for the bio-diversity of the dam. He also said that the fishermen have also been alerted about the fish and told to inform the authorities if they spot another Alligator Gar.

Talking about the how a North American fish was netted in the Pavana dam, Bhonsale said, “It is possible someone may have brought this fish to keep in an aquarium. He may have later released it into the Pavana dam.”

As per the experts, the fish adapts easily to water bodies with varying salinity levels. While its survival depends on other fish, for which the Alligator Gar is skilled ambush predator and uses stealth and strategy to pound on its prey.

Information Source: hindustantimes

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