8 Cafés In Pune You Need To Visit Right Now For Some Killer Bun-Maska And Chai!

The Bun-Maska and Chai have now gone on to become an icon of Pune.

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Now breakfast for every Punekar might revolve around Pohe, Upma or even the South delicacies like Idlis, but the Iranians across the city ensured that the humble Bun-Maska does not stay behind in the race of breakfast options.

A simple concoction of fresh sweet bun, cut and loaded with butter within and atop along with a piping hot cup of Chai, can sure be heady.

We at Reacho bring you Pune’s iconic cafés to visit for the Bun-Maska staple!

1. Café Goodluck, Goodluck Chowk

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This place is so symbolic that even those who haven’t even stayed in Pune know about it. This gem of a place has even gotten a square named after itself, for crying out loud! The Bun-Maska and Irani Chai here are killer- and so are the non-veg dishes.

2. Irani Cafe, Viman Nagar

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A new joint and skeptical about experimenting with it? Well, we’ll help you here. This café, even though new, is nothing less than those iconic ones that’ve been around for the longest. The décor, chic. The Bun-Maska, perfect. The Chai, on point! And yes, this place also serves some yummy Broon-Maska. Worth making this one a regular!

3. Vohuman Café, Sassoon Road

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It is not counted as a visit or a stay if you’ve come to Pune and haven't had the Bun-Maska at the Vohuman Café. Celebrities, corporate, students and wait, basically people from all walks of life can be found digging into their and their partners’ share of food here. Do give their Cheese Omelette a try!

4. Café Yezdan, Camp

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If a place has been around for 60 years, you know it has got something one cannot miss. Café Yezdan’s Bun-Maska and Chai are its crown jewels and easily sell out within a few hours of the café’s opening.

5. Café Diamond Queen, Off M.G. Road

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A cup of garam Chai and Bun-Maska and you’ll come back visiting this café just for more of this. The weekends see a mammoth of a crowd, so better keep that in mind. Oh btw, their Caramel Custard is also a hit!

6. Kohinoor Restaurant, Camp

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Which place opens at 4 am? And a good one at that! Well, Kohinoor is just the answer to your food cravings in the wee hours. Their quick service and awesome-sauce Bun-Maska and Chai can make anyone’s morning! Another must try- Egg Bhurji.

7. Café Apollo, Rasta Peth

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The locals in the area swear by the aromatic Irani Chai and the Bun-Maska. The café is also hunted for it’s delicious Malai Pav. Got me slurping already!

8. Aur Irani Chai, Aundh

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I’ll just let you into the facts of this picture. A friend walked in here with two of his friends and the trio ended up spending the evening downing 22 Chai and 6 Bun-Maskas. Need I say more?

Do try these places out, share your experience and hey, take us along too!

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