BKPS College Of Architecture, Pune Installs Solar Roof To Generate Electricity

The entire installation took 50 days.

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With an approach of switching from conventional enrgy resources to sustainable ones, BKPS College of Architecture in Pune has come up with a green solution that supplies electricity generated by an array of solar panels mounted on the roof.

The idea of adapting such a solution was recommended by one of the employees who got inspired by an initiative announced by the Central Government. The project cost was Rs 6 lakh for installation, with 8 kVA (kilo-volt-ampere) average load.

source: firstgreen

To throw more light on this initiative, Pushkar Kanvinde,Professor and Principal at BKPS said,

Today we commissioned a solar electricity generation array on the roof of BKPS College of Architecture. It will generate enough electricity required for our college plus little additional. It is provided with ‘net metering’ and we will get credit for excess electricity generated that is supplied to the grid

‚Ä®Installing a solar roof is a recommendable switch in times of energy crises, one just needs to change the electric meter provided by the Maharashtra State Electricity Board (MSEB). Once you switch to the new meter, you generate and consume according to requirement, and the excess electricity is fed into the MSEB grid. The generating entities also get credited for what gets fed into the grid and whatever you consume is free of cost.

We hope a lot many schools and colleges get inspired by this and pave their way towards adapting green solutions.

Information source: architecturelive

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