8 Pocket Friendly Places in Pune Serving Mouth-Watering Pav Bhaji

We have listed the best budget-friendly pav bhaji places in Pune, just for you!

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While some are tight on budget, there’s other lot of foodies that just cannot stop themselves from spending a lot on their favourite savouries. Thankfully, Pune never runs out of options when it comes to eating to your fullest and not spending too much. And when we talk of awesome food, how can we ever miss out on Pav Bhaji? Old or young, winters or monsoons… well, doesn’t really matter, right? It’s everyone’s all time hot favourite. Check out these places to eat more of it:

1. Relax Pav Bhaji, Sahakar Nagar 2

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If you stay in or around Sahakar Nagar, then Relax Pav Bhaji must be the one eatery you recommend to everyone else. The different options of Pav Bhaji here are anyway famous all over the city, but we would encourage to try the ‘extreme tikha Pav Bhaji here’. Try not to cry when you eat it. This place is open beyond midnight at times, and yes, you can also try the cold coffee here. They have another outlet on Sinhagad Road as well.

2. Supreme Snacks

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Pulav and Pav Bhaji are the two reasons why Supreme is widely visited. These two outlets can be found on Law College Road and J M Road. Tonnes of butter makes it even yummier. The outlet on Law College Road is perfect for a walk on the quiet canal road post the busy traffic hours. The limited yet delicious menu here serves pizza, chat and a few soft drinks. Wish they served buttermilk too. 

3. Mayur Pav Bhaji and Juice Bar, Karve Nagar

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Unfortunately, this place is open only in the evening. If you’re nauseated with your everyday meals, Pav Bhaji and fresh lime juice here are sure to kill your nausea. Along with Pav Bhaji, Mayur has multiple options under Chinese and Punjabi cuisines as well.

4. Anand Veg, Nal Stop

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If you ever see crowd gathered around Nal Stop, it’s for two reasons. One, at Amruteshwar for those who take frequent chai breaks and two, at Anand Veg for their forever yummy Pav Bhaji. One of the most convenient places around Deccan and Kothrud, Anand Veg has been welcoming foodies for years. Try Cheese Pav Bhaji- you’re gonna love it.

5. Shubham, J M Road

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Although Shubham practically helps you out with every craving, Pav Bhaji here is a must try. And yes, Shiv Sagar, another place serving delicious Pav Bhaji, is located in very close proximity to Shubham.

6. Siddharth Pav Bhaji, Camp

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Just like the other places in this list, Siddharth isn’t really high on ambience either. But who cares when the taste is completely worth it, right? Take aways are quick and the food is something you can’t get over.

7. Girija Pav Bhaji

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No, no… we won’t ever forget writing about Girija. With its outlets in Tilak Road, Sinhagad Road and Karve Road, Girija offers Pav Bhaji that’s been loved by Puneites since like forever.

8. Jayashree Garden, Tilak Road

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Last but not the least, you must visit Jayashree Garden for its Pav Bhaji. Open till late night, the only drawback of this place is that it tends to be overcrowded at nights. Did you know they make ‘pav’ in the hotel itself? It’s a decent pick for budget dinners for family and friends.  

For the love of our favourite snack/meal/special-occasion-menu, or whatever Pav Bhaji might mean to you, try these places. Also, do not forget to let us know about the other outlets we might have missed including in our list.

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