Beginner's Guide To Survive In Pune: Learn How To Deal With Sarcasm, Acronyms, And All That Jazz!

If you're planning to relocate to Pune, you need to keep certain things in mind!

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Having lived in Pune for almost a year now, I must admit that it was a bit difficult for the first few months. Never ending traffic, places with weird names, super confusing one-ways, and public transport with terrible connectivity, the struggles were many!

But if you live through all these challenges, there’s no other place like Pune. 
The weather, second best after Bangalore, good food, and innumerable weekend getaways in a close proximity to the city are just some of the things that make the experience so great.

Hence, if you’re planning to relocate to Pune (or know someone who’s doing the same) then you might want to scroll down to know about the challenges faced by every newbie Punekar!

1. Brush up your driving skills. LIKE REAL HARD!

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If you belong to metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi or Bangalore, you might see Pune as a major disappointment in terms of public transport. There are no local trains, metro work has just started and bus system lacks connectivity. Auto drivers charge exorbitantly during peak hours and fighting with them about meter is just waste of time! 
Hence, if you’ve to travel in and around the city, it is advisable for you to have a two-wheeler. But for that, you need to be a BLOODY good driver. And your driving skills should not be limited to the roads. Because Punekars find the thrill of another level by driving on footpaths and you should do the same!

Or else existential crisis, FTW! 

2. Don’t even dare to pronounce names of certain places. AT ANY COST!

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Only if you’re a Maharashtrian, then you might get the pronunciations, but if you aren’t, then for god sake don’t even try! Certain places in Pune are called Bhosari, Bibwewadi, Lavale and Pimple Gurav for the reasons known only to Punekars. But if not pronounced correctly, then it might get you in a deep trouble. So, just avoid it! 

Note: Most of you have raised an objection over the title image. While we know how to spell Bibwewadi, we're trying to take a dig at the colloquial language. Also, we respect the name of the person, after whom this place is named and do not intend to hurt anyone's sentiments. Thanks, in advance.

3. Move over BC! Coz you’ve to deal with FC!

Punekars are obsessed with weird acronyms and that explains why FC, ABC, JM, MG, and KP exist in the first place. No, they aren’t extensions of your usual MCs and BCs! Instead, these are short forms of the most popular and happening places in Pune. Hush, so much pressure on that little brain!  

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4. You can have pav with any goddamn thing. Keep this in mind!

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Only if vada pav wasn’t enough, Pune offers misal pav, bhaji pav, maska pav, usal pav, bhurji pav, omelet pav among other pav delicacies. The concept of wheat and roti just doesn’t exist, when in Pune!
Also, if you’re from Indore or Nagpur, then there’s nightmare for you in kanda poha, which is served with sambhar. 

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5. Nightlife..err... what’s that?!

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Pune has no Hauz Khas village and it is nowhere close to Mumbai when it comes to nightlife. Hence, if you’re expecting a wild night with your friends, the only wild thing you can do is to have chai-poha at Nal Stop at 3 am. 

6. Know the Chitale outlets around you!

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If you’re in Gurgaon, it is advisable to know the police station around you. Of course, for obvious reasons! But in Pune, you should be well informed about the Chitale outlets near you. For Punekars, you’re just one of those migrants who has eaten up their jobs but for your family/friends back home, you’re a just an unpaid ‘chakna’ supplier. 

7. Don’t even dare to ask directions. Use Google Maps, instead! 

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While relatively new places have proper boards with directions, same can’t be said about the old city. Hence, if you get lost in one of those narrow lanes of Sadashiv Peth, don’t even dare to ask anyone your way out! Because, in case if you stumble upon an old uncle, you’ll surely get a dose or two of special Puneri sarcasm. Hence, usage of Google Maps is advisable!

8. Learn to take everything that Punekars say- with a pinch of salt! 

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If you’ve done a good amount of homework about Pune and Punekars, you might know that sarcasm is considered a superpower here. Right from hoardings outside shops and restaurants to the nasal twang, everyone here is so sarcastic that it might even give nightmares to a certain Sheldon Cooper. Toh phir tum kis khet ki muli ho?!

Nonetheless, these are some of the few struggles that you’ve to face whilst living in Pune. It will be difficult, at first, but Pune is one of the few cities in India, which welcomes you with open arms, and is non-judgemental, no matter what language you speak or place you belong to!

Because there are cities, and then, there is Pune. 

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