Booze Lovers From Pune, Rejoice! City To Host Beer Olympics, Very Soon!

Pune's Doolally to host Beer Olympics On May 20th from 11 am to 6 pm.

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The young crowd of Pune got a new chance to go crazy this summer by indulging into splashes of cold beer. On May 20, Pune Micro-Brewery will be hosting ‘Beer Olympics’ in which 4 'beer athletes' compete against the other beer team to reach the glorious golden-beer-glass trophy!

This bizarre yet fun event will be hosted by Doolally, Pune on 20th May- Saturday from 11 am to 6 pm. 

Here is the series of amusing games:

1. Chug Relay

The main event of the Beer Olympics. It’s pretty simple really, CHUG!! CHUG!! CHUG!! CHUG!! This is one relay that will test everything - teamwork, endurance and your love for beer. Every drop counts - so don’t spill 

2. Jenga

Steady your hands, it's Jenga time! The underlying principle here is DUI (Deftness Under Influence). The classic 54-block tower with a deliciously evil twist, beer Jenga tests your physical and mental skills. 

3. Beer Pong

Beer filled cups arranged in a triangular shape at either end of a table; the objective of the game is simple: throw the ping pong balls, drink fast, shoot straight. Easier said than done since you’re seeing everything in triplicate.

4. Fletter

Each player keeps throwing a letter down and calling out ONLY 4 letter words from the lot. The objective of the game is to get maximum points. Easy? Not when you are slurring already. Remember that, calling out anything less than a four-lettered word gets you Flettered = Penalised! 

5. Darts

Test your dart throwing skills in this slightly Doolally version of your favorite pub pastime. Collect points based on your aim, stack up seconds with a quick chug.You will need speed, precision, and some serious chugging skills. Drink, aim, shoot! 

Beer worth Rs 50,000 will be awarded as the grand prize…!

source: indiatimes

source: indiatimes

Pull up your socks folks, grab your backup and book your tickets now!

Information source: indiatimes, doolally

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