An Epitome Of The Life Of Shivaji Maharaj: Lal Mahal

The Lal Malah is very famous for the story of Shaista Khan. It is said that Shivaji cut off his fingers when he was trying to escape from the window.

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From this week onwards, we will have your travel list covered as a part of our 'Travel Tuesday' series. So keep a tab on this space from now on! If you are planning to visit Pune and want to take a tour of the most epic historic places then Lal Mahal or the Red Palace should be first on your list. 

Why? Well, you will find the answer below:

Lal Mahal, which is situated in the heart of the city itself, holds the most momentous stories. Lal Mahal was built in the year 1630 when Shivaji’s father Shahaji Bhosle was residing in Bangalore.

Shahaji, who was a Sardar in the Bijapur Sultanate, was given territories in Pune and he decided to build a palace for his son and wife Jijabai. Shivaji and Jijabai spent almost spent almost ten years here in the palace.

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The Lal Mahal was constructed by Shahaji Bhosle for Jijabai and Shivaji. The two stayed there for many years until Shivaji captured his first fort at Torna. It is said that after Jijabai and Shivaji, Shahaji’s first wife Saibai stayed there.

Constant attacks damaged the whole palace and it never re-built. When Peshwas decided to build the Shaniwar Wada it is said that for the sake of good luck and prosperity they used some stones of the Lal Mahal in the construction of Shaniwar Wada, which is mentioned in the account books of Peshwas.

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Later, PMC rebuilt the palace only on a part of the land of the original Lal Mahal. The new Lal Mahal which was built in 1984 isn't the same as the original one due to lack of information about the original structure.

Stories Related To Lal Mahal:

The Lal Malah is very famous for the story of Shaista Khan. It is said that Shivaji cut off his fingers when he was trying to escape from the window of the Lal Mahal. As a result, the Mughal Army that had camped Pune destroyed Shivaji’s childhood home as a punishment for the ignominy of the defeat despite superior numbers and better armed and fed soldiers.

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As the name suggests the Lal Mahal is a red brick building situated at the centre of the city. The structure contains the replica of young Shivaji ploughing with a golden plough, with mother Jijabai and Guru Dadoji Konddev looking at him along with so other historic memories.

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The four umbrellas which are situated on the terrace are the prime attraction of the Palace. The many incidences of Shivaji’s life are pictorially represented on the walls of this Palace. A garden dedicated to Jijamata, known as Jijamata Garden is located at the Mahal.

This article is a part of the series ‘Travel Tuesdays’ where we bring you a list of places in and around Pune to satiate your wanderlust cravings.  

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