8 Best Places To Do Street Shopping In Pune

Shop without breaking the bank.

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How many of you spend time at malls just gawking around coz the stuff is too expensive? Do you also feel online shopping is not really your thing? Well, then, you are the ‘street shopping kind’. Don’t worry, many out there are just like you. Street shopping is so much better for multiple reasons - one, you can bargain. Two, most of the vendors are sweet and friendly. Three, there’s good variety and four, it’s super fun. Let’s take a look at a few places in Pune where there’s great local shopping to do.

1. FC Road:

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Apart from the restaurants, why do you think this place is so hyped? Located in heart of the city, FC Road has local shops that sell trendy footwear and bags. If buying in bulk is what matters to you, FC Road is a must visit. Many vendors come in the evenings with their cart and sell tops, for as cheap as INR 150. Though not very long lasting, they can definitely be used for a few months. Other than shopping, the restaurants on FC Road always welcome you when you wanna grab a quick bite.  
Tip: Avoid weekends, if you hate rush.

2. Hong Kong Lane, Deccan:

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Located right at the corner of FC Road, is this busy lane. Variety of options are available in funky earrings, mobile cases and wallets. You’ll be amazed at how this tiny, narrow lane manages to get in more and more shopaholics. A lot of people go to buy cosmetics here, which are available at reasonably cheaper prices.

3. Laxmi Road/ Tulshibaug:

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Located very close to each other, these are probably the oldest shopping centres of Pune. While Laxmi Road has multiple saree shops, Tulshibaug offers accessories. Name the kind of shopping you want to do – you’ll find it all here. From kitchenware to clothes, from stationery to footwear, these places literally have it all. You must specially visit this place if you love possessing different jewellery pieces.
Tip: Avoid Mondays, as most of the shops remain shut.

4. Fashion Street, Camp:

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All you fashionistas, the name says it all. The latest, trendy fashion can be found here. Be it a different sling bag for every new dress, or a cute pair of PJs for a sleepover at your bestie’s – you must visit Fashion Street. And yes, just like FC Road, Camp has a lot of eateries to take care of your ‘after shopping hunger pangs’.

5. Clover Center, Moledina Road:

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Now for those of who hate long walks, Clover Center is the answer. Innumerable shops located in one single complex have a variety to offer. And given Clover Center is minutes away from Dorabjee’s, you can always head there to eat your favourite pastry. And yes, Clover Center also boasts of tailors who assure you customized stylish clothes.
Tip: Don’t miss out on this place if scarves and shawls hold a special place in your heart.

6. Koregaon Park:

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Although there’s no special shop to be mentioned, most of the lanes in KP have street shopping. Compared to rest of the shopping places in Pune, KP can be slightly expensive. For special occasions, there are several boutiques that have designer dresses and lehengas. ‘Busy Bee’ is popularly visited by many shopaholics, and ‘Osho bags’ and ‘Osho Chappals’ are quite a speciality here.

7. ABC, Pune:

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OK, this is for the book lovers or the ones who love studying. Spread across different price ranges, Appa Balwant Chowk has a number of stationery shops along with book stores. It’s the hub for book lovers- new, old, and reused, ABC gives you everything you were ever looking for.

8. Juna Bazaar:

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If ‘old is gold’ happens to be your mantra, you must visit Juna Bazaar. Shoes, luggage, furniture, stationery, kitchenware and whatnot! Juna Bazaar, if to be described properly, is the oldest and the most happening ‘flea market’ of Pune.
Tip: It’s open only on Wednesdays and Sundays.

So much to shop and so less time. Say bye to your ‘I’m so broke-how do I shop’ worries. These places are gonna surprise you. Happy shopping!  

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