7 NGOs From Pune To Help Out This Daan Utsav

A way to reach out and help those in need.

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Little is known about Daan Utsav. ‘Daan Utsav’ or the ‘Joy of week’ is celebrated every year during or around Gandhi Jayanti. In recent times, we have witnessed a significant rise in the awareness about philosophy. More and more young guns are joining hands together to keep up with the social commitments. This year, Daan Utsav will be celebrated from October 3rd to October 8th. Take few minutes to go through some of the most amazing work done by NGOs of Pune.

1. Teach for India

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Most of us already know about this nation-wide movement. Every year, TFI welcomes new cohort and places fellows in the classrooms of low income schools. Collective action is the mantra at TFI, as they do everything they can to bring about a transformational change in the society. Learning in TFI classrooms is not just fun and unconventional, but also rigorous and challenging. After all, TFI’s motto says it all- ‘One day all children will attain an excellent education’. Find out more on http://www.teachforindia.org/

2. Shyamchi Aai Foundation

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So many of us failed to get the right guidance after our 10th grade was over and we were about to decide of the first step towards building a successful career. Back in 2013, Sheetal Bapat took a much needed step of guiding students to make the right career choice. She made them explore opportunities beyond Science, Arts and Commerce post 10th grade. With multiple mentoring projects going on at SAF, the volunteers here always motivate the mentees by conducting interactive sessions to groom them to excel in the professional set up. And because SAF believes in the spirit of motherhood, the guidance given and the wisdom imparted here is at the hands of experts - to bring out the best in the students.
Discover more on https://www.facebook.com/ShyamchiAai/?fref=tshttp://shyamchiaai.org/

3. Manavya

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Even with the changing times, we often tend to have our own apprehensions about the ones infected with HIV+. Years ago, Vijayatai Lawate took several HIV+ kids under her wings, to give them a life they were deprived of. Located in Bhugaon, Manavya is welcoming more such individuals to be a part of their family. The kids here are provided with proper schooling, nutritious diet and a healthy culture where they coexist together only to live a better life, which has no stigmas. Know more, http://www.manavya.org/

4. Apala Ghar

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Apala Ghar founders, Mr. Vijay and Mrs. Sadhana Phalnikar lost their son due to Leukaemia years ago. But this didn’t stop the brave couple from doing something noble for others. In 2002, they started with this initiative to help the less fortunate. Apala Ghar provides free ambulance services to the ones who cannot afford the same. You can read more about their projects on http://www.apalaghar.com/

5. Blue Cross

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Animal lover? Then you might be keen on knowing what Blue Cross does. They rescue street animals, provide shelters and veterinary services to abandoned pets and often organize adoption drives. To know more about Blue Cross, log on to http://bluecrossofindia.org/

6. The Akshaya Patra Foundation

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‘Unlimited food for Education’ is what Akshaya Patra believes in. Yummy and healthy mid-day meals are provided on a daily basis to students from government and government-aided schools. No one stays hungry. With good appetite and sharp brains, the kids are enabled to take steps to excel in everything they do. Find out more on https://www.akshayapatra.org/

7. Kalpavriksh

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Care about saving our planet? Then Kalpavriksh has tonnes of projects for all ya’ environment lovers. Don’t forget to check out more on http://www.kalpavriksh.org/

This Daan Utsav, do your bit. Your contribution doesn’t have to be big, as long as it’s meaningful. Keep spreading joy :)

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