7 Most Happening ‘Dhol Pathaks’ In Pune

From 10 members to 400, these troupes have come a long way To Pune

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We Punekars make it a point to not miss out on Visarjan on Laxmi Road every year during Ganeshotsav. And what’s the biggest attraction then? Yes, the awesome troupes that play dhol-taasha. Pune has much to say about the 250 dhol pathaks that lit up the city during Visarjan. From 10 members to 400, these troupes have come a long way. From as young as an 8 years old member to s old as a 50 years old man, these Pathaks welcome everyone. Let’s take a look at the dhol Pathaks we need to watch out this year.

1. Samartha Pratishthan Dhol Tasha Pathak

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This Pathak rose to fame a year ago when they boasted of having an all women dhol Pathak. Some years ago, they had become the talk of the town for initiating and implementing the idea of a Pathak that only had visually impaired members. They do a good charity too, as all of the funds go to humanitarian causes.

2. Nadbramha Dhol Tasha Pathak

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Hoardings of this Pathak can be vividly seen throughout Ganeshotsav, as the enthusiastic troupe that they are, they make sure to never disappoint Punekars. Nadbramha, being one of the biggest troupes of the city, had played in front of Tirupati Balaji as well. A lot of folks of the city go to specially watch out for this troupe during Visarjan. If news are to be believed, Nadbramha is to have international participants on the last day of Ganeshotsav this year.

3. Shivgarjana Dhol Tasha Pathak

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There’s quite to tell about Shivgarjana. Remember the very famous Marathi number ‘Moraya Moraya’ we couldn’t stop getting hooked on to? Well, then you’ll also remember the super strong background music and the beats of dhol tasha. All of that was Shivgarjana. All of their funds go for social causes. Some of the members from this Pathak are settled overseas, and they make it a point to entertain the ever curios international crowd. And needless to say, their drumbeats are euphoric.

4. Ramanbaug Dhol Tasha Pathak

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This one happens to be an all men troupe, and they literally roar during the Visarjan. The funds raised go towards the development of Ramanbaug School. This Pathak has years of reputation for their admirable virtue of discipline.

5. Rudragarjana Dhol Tasha Pathak

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Rudragarjana has played across different places in the state. It has as many as 300 loyal members. And like many other dhol Pathaks, this one too does their bit for social causes. They mix and blend different types of beats to make it extra special for the ever crazy crowd during Visarjan.

6. NuMaVi Dhol Tasha Pathak

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The speciality that NuMaVi has to offer this year is gonna surprise you, coz they are all set to reintroduce an unforgotten musical instrument- sambal. And that’s not it, they are also gonna do a sequence on bhangra.

7. Shivmudra Dhol Tasha Pathak

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If you were a part of audience last year, you must not have forgotten the Pathak that played ‘Mauli Taal’, a sequence based on the super hit music from Marathi blockbuster ‘Lai Bhari’. And if you missed it, no worries- because Shiv Mudra is doing it this year too.

So much to see in one day, right? Look out for the list that is usually published a day prior to the Visarjan every year. This list basically maps Pathaks and its designated Pandals. And make sure you cheer for your favourite Pathak.

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