12 Reasons Why You Should Date A Puneri Mulgi

Who else can enjoy a night out at KP and also appreciate the nuances of theatre, while also treasuring the trek around Lonavla?

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Reacho spoke to a good number of guys who told us why they love dating a Puneri mulgi. So, if you’re dating one, tag her!

1. Sarcasm runs in the blood:

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That’s the best part of their humour. Sarcasm is here to stay and you’ll never get bored.

2. She’ll cook great stuff for you:

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Yes, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. And this is even better when it’s puran poli and ukdiche modak, no?

3. She’s highly educated:

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She might even be more qualified than you. And intelligent is the new sexy, after all. So, sapiosexuals will love dating a Puneri girl.

4. She loves theatre:

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Movies are not the only source of entertainment! She’ll take you out the best of the theatre plays on your dates.

5. She knows her way:

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Through the streets, we mean! After all the crazy roads that Pune has, she’s an expert two-wheeler driver. So, she won’t be dependent on you for the mandatory pick-up and drop services.

6. She’ll always be ready for long drives:

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When you hit our very own favourite Lavasa Road, she’ll be there with you. Great romance is a long drive for her.

7. She’ll understand your words:

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When you say ‘Bhari’ and ‘Ek number’, ‘Tuch’ and ‘Jamlay’ and so many other words, she knows what it means. And her reactions will be priceless!

8. She’ll never say no to chai:

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Yes, we Punekars are chai addicts- big time! And she’ll always accompany you for a chai break. Even better, she’ll make and teach you to make a great cuppa herself.

9. She’s high on self-respect:

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While some may call it maaz, we call it attitude and dignity. Every guy loves a girl who loves and respects herself. Confidence is the key, honey. And do we need to mention that she’s super proud of her origin? #fact !

10. She’ll woo you with her dance moves:

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Dancing in rains with live music doesn’t happen only in Bollywood. It happens in Pune too! With crazy dhol tasha in the background, she’ll drag you on the dance floor during Ganpati Visarjan. And needless to say, you’ll enjoy it too.

11. Unmaterialistic things make her happy:

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Be it a trek around Lonavla or bhutta at Khadakwasla, she finds joy in little things. Will she ever say no to sunrise at Sinhagad?

12. She’s the perfect blend:

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She loves drawing rangoli and she knows how to groove to tunes in the very much alive clubs in KP. Her turban on nauvari saree or her LBD, they’ll make you feel weak in your knees. That’s the kind of blend we love!

Got more? Tell us in the comments below. And like they say, ‘You can’t get Pune out of a girl’. Tag all the Puneri girls you know to tell them they are loved!

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