10 Must Visit Chai Trails In Pune

Make the best of the monsoon with these handpicked chai joints!

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Is adrak chai your way out of headaches? Ours too! If you are someone who feels that a cup of Chai is the best way to kick-start your mornings, or if you enjoy ‘chai pe charcha’, then rejoice. Reacho presents some of the must-visit hotspots for every chai lover in Pune. From tapris to cafes, this list has it all. We also tell you the other specialities of all of these places.

1. Café Goodluck, Deccan:

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Goes without saying, right? No Punekar is going to be happy if we exclude this place from our list. To add to the hot cup of chai, cheese omelette and bun-maska is a must here. Irani chai at Goodluck is also a hot favourite among the visitors.

2. The Yogi Tree, Koregaon Park:

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The Masala Chai here is something you simply cannot miss. One of the most chilled-out and friendly hangouts for the young crowd, The Yogi Tree’s double bun-maska is loved by the regular visitors. Scrambled eggs here are also popularly recommended. And yes, you can tag along coffee lovers too.

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3. Amruteshwar, Nal Stop:

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This place is forever buzzing with the hungry crowds around. Amruteshwar, a small shop on Karve Road, opens at 3:30 am in the morning. A hot cup of chai with a plate full of poha has been famously chosen by its visitors since years and years.

4. Trupti Tea Centre, Dnyaneshwar Paduka Chowk:

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This place is a hit for its widely known chai flavour called ‘Mara Mari’. You have a mix of regular tea as well as the special tea. College students are forever eager to have a quick ‘Mara Mari’ sip post lectures. Also, you wouldn’t wanna miss out on their cream rolls and samosas.

5. Sunil Tea, Kamla Nehru Park:

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KNP has a reasonable blend of foodies coming in to gobble up the ever yummy snacks at the stalls. While some love the pot ice cream here, many are devoted to Sunil Tea. Pair it up with cream rolls to have an even better experience. And for all those who enjoy sweet chai, try Sunil’s ‘malai chai’.

6. Aunty Ki Chai, SB Road:

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Aunty Ki Chai is already a super hit among the night owls. With empty roads and cool breeze to your company, this is one of those places you could head to at midnight with your girlfriend if you’re looking for a romantic yet reasonable chai-date. Elaichi chai at Aunty’s is popularly recommended.

7. Tilak Tea Stall, Tilak Road:

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Mango Mastani during summers and chai during winters, is the main reason why Tilak is so popular. If you have a sweet tooth, then you’ll surely love coconut barfi along with your cutting at Tilak’s.

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8. Pagdandi Books Chai Café, Baner:

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Are you a chai freak who loves reading? Then Pagdandi is your hideout. Cosy seating with nice chai for your company, this place is surely going to welcome you again and again.   

9. Chai Express, Kothrud:

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Around CAD B, Yolkshire, Eatsome and many other eateries near Karishma Housing Society, is a small hideout called The Chai Express. Their Ginger tea warms you up and you can always have a good number of options for snacks from their menu. And if you happen to be with someone who doesn’t have tea, this place offers awesome mojitos as well.

10. Tukaram Mahadik’s Tea Stall, FC Road:

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Wanna try something unusual? Lemon Chai it is then! Tulsi leaves and half a lemon squeezed in your chai, this cuppa sounds weird, tastes weird too- but ‘weird good’.

Have we missed your favourite chai spots? Do let us know. ☺   

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