VanTribe Gathering | 13th-16th April 2017

VanTribe Gathering Pune

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Date and Time

Start: 2017-04-13 , 4:00 PM
End: 2017-04-16 , 12:00 PM


Thamini Ghat, Pune, Maharashtra 411014

VanTribe is a community based eco-cultural gathering where music, art and culture can be experienced in their true form. Set amidst a natural backdrop with peace and serenity, the Vantribe is the coming together of a community of artistes, travellers and explorers from different specters of life. We are hand picking people who can bring in their community / clan together while contributing to the vibe of the space. There are many ways one can contribute their part for the gathering and create opportunities for budding talent alongside established artistes. We are looking for tribe members to give their best at this celebration while exchanging art, hosting workshops and collaborating with local artisans to promote local craft.
We all need to contribute to keep our true selves, culture and celebration alive - so come along, and let's build the VanTribe community together.
VanTribe is looking for unique artistes coming together to collaborate, inspire and showcase talent while bringing a complete community of creators together under one open sky. As a sincere effort towards developing the core uniqueness of the cause we are looking at our artiste community to collaborate, create and share their Art.
At the Vantribe Gathering the stage is set and open to all artistes to showcase their talent through Art, Music, Dance, Storytelling, installations, etc. We want the tribe members to showcase something unique as a member of the “Tribe”.
13th April
• 6pm -Arrival at venue and nature walk/spice trail
• 9pm- Live jam and Community dinner/drinks
14th April
• 10-12am –Breakfast/Wellness activities/Healers
• 12-3 pm- DIY/Art exchange/Organic farming/workshops
• 3-6 pm –Lunch/Me time/Sundown groove session
• 6-9 pm –Bonfire/Community cooking/Open Mic
• 9-10pm- Community dinner
• 10-12 pm- Live act/Live jam/Live painting
• 12-3 pm –Electronic Music
15th April
• 10-12am –Breakfast/Wellness activities/Healers
• 12-3 pm- DIY/Art exchange/Organic farming/workshops
• 3-6 pm –Lunch/Me time/Sundown groove session
• 6-9 pm –Bonfire/Community cooking/Open Mic
• 9-10pm- Community dinner
• 10-12 pm- Live act/ Jam session/Live painting
• 12-3 pm –Electronic Music

16th April
• 10-12am –Breakfast/Departure
13th April Thursday 500rs(Includes Stay and Dinner)
14th April Friday 1500rs(includes Stay and All Meals)
15th April Saturday 1500rs(includes Stay,All Meals)
16th April Sunday 500rs(Includes Stay and breakfast )
Pre Sale Offer : Rs 3500 for all 4 days
We have ample camping space at the venue hence we urge everyone to carry their own tents. Tents on hire will be available in case you dont have one.
Vantribe is a Community gathering and Wellness camp hence the setting is like a family. Everyone looks after, and looks out for each other, though the Vantribe Team is always happy to help.
We are open for Artistes to make live paintings and can also sell their Art if anyone is looking to buy.
We believe in encouraging our Artistes/ Musicians and Healers so donation boxes will be passed around during sessions. Be ready to donate some love :)
SHARING IS CARING is our motto
• Bring Your Own Booze
• Bring Your Own Tents
What to bring:
Warm clothes
Sleeping bag
Sheet and warm blanket
Any Music instrument you play
Painting/Art and Craft material
Books to share
(Any plastic packaging, etc. you bring should please be carried back.)
Our sole aim is to bring likeminded people together and build a unique community based on true love for Art : Music : Nature.
We are VanTribe! We are One!!

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