Psylent Sunday Ep. 9 feat. Hoppit, Gai Israeli, Neurotic & Mental Rush

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Start: 2016-06-26 , 18:00 PM
End: 0000-00-00 ,


Blue FROG Pune Ishanya Mall, Arcade 6, Off Airport Road, Opp Golf Course, Yerwada,

HOPPIT is a Psychedelic Trance project initiated by Moe Dahbour. He hails from the beautiful country, Jordan. Born in the year 1987, This young and energetic DJ has been achieving great strides. During his teens , hitting his "rebellious" phase, He started following Heavy Metal and Psychedelic Rock music which totally inspired him. He was then introduced to Electronic Music like DnB through a friend. Already inspired, Moe was also surrounded by amazing musicians who boosted his spirit even more.He at an early stage in DJ's scene took a different path, first cutting his teeth in the world of drum n bass and various other genres, before finding himself at the heart of the fledging Psychedelic scene. He collaborated different genres of Electronic music, beginning with House, Trance, Dubstep and the list goes on. It was mainly a hobby for him until the year 2008 where he was asked to play at a small club. This was it, He knew what he wanted to do in his life and He never looked back. A whole new phase in his life, He was awe-struck by The Holy Psychedelic, The Magical Tunes .That whole experience inspired him so much, he began his journey into 'Psychedelic Music'. He was influenced by a lot of eminent DJ's , such as parasense and psymmetrix whiptongue and many more. He then revived the Underground Music scene in Jordan, he was a part of the Psychedelica Trip Family. He then developed his fan following, which kept increasing day after day. He then started playing at various Psychedelic festivals in different countries. He has played at Lebanon, Turkey and India. In the year 2011, He started his production of music.

He started mixing various genres of Psychedelic Trance. He started experimenting with Full-on and Night Full-on, He was aware of all the accurate details needed while mixing these genres. His love for music is what keeps him going. Whenever he plays at a club, He for sure plays with all his heart and soul. It’s not often that talent comes rising through the ranks fully formed, undiluted, and with as much potential as Moe.
His energy is simply unbelievable, He pushes the type of unrestrained fun that wobbles, bounces and thumps around a dance floor all night long. Proven by his gigs he's played at, he can lead a dance floor into perfection.
When he starts the set, there is an energy on the dance floor that never ceases to amaze the crowd. His ability to mix is simply amazing!

He's one artist to look out for. A very humble person,with a whole load of love for music. 

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