Pantomiman Live-6th August -Blue Frog, Pune-Taste of Freedom Blast!!

Pantomiman Live-6th August -Blue Frog, Pune-Taste of Freedom Blast!!

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Date and Time

Start: 2017-08-06 , 5:00 AM
End: 2017-08-06 , 1:00 AM


Ishanya Mall, Yerwada, Pune, Maharashtra 411006


Number: 7387232678

Freedom Blast Goa, Comes to Pune!!
Pantomiman Live for the 1st time in Pune.
Entry Info - 7387232678
★ Biography-Pantomiman-Looney Moon Recds Russia>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Pantomiman is George Agaronov (or Gosha for short), a Russian psytrance producer with some extra flavour on top - he is a professional mime who comes from a family of circus comedy performers! Early in his childhood years Gosha began playing musical instruments, performing on stage and later composing his parts for a circus band. When Gosha was a teenager he discovered electronic music and a bit later towards the late nineties Gosha discovered something that felt very natural to him - psychedelic trance. Since then Gosha has been developing and working on his own sound, partly with an expert guidance from Alex Parasense. The past few years Pantomiman has spent DJ'ing and playing live around Russia entertaining crowds with his very special and very funny musical shows. Needless to say Pantomiman's music is a psychedelic circus act in itself. Sometimes more aggressive and twisted, sometimes more nostalgic and funky music by Pantomiman never fails to surprise and excite. Pantomiman's groovy bass lines and comical themes make people dance and laugh at the same time, while of course his skilful sound synthesis guarantees that a trip will be adventurous, joyful and amusing. Pantomiman’s tracks have been taken for releases by such quality labels as Doof Records, Sundance, Up Records, EPP Records and Blitz Studios. Pantomiman is without a doubt the most original and unique psytrance producer in Russia and possibly even the rest of the world
★ Ban-dit - Digital Distortion Records >>>>>>>>>
Signed up with Digital Distortion Recs. Ban-dit is the moniker of mumbai based Djane Aban. An avid music listener from an early age, her passion for music and soulful sounds started with old school classic rock n roll to funk and reggae. She gradually tuned into electronic music and her style usually comprises of deeper bass lines and organic sounds. She started by first playing at private parties and would always go take over the sound system where ever she would go, hence the name Ban-dit. Her style is foot stomping dance floor music, with experimental sounds thats makes you not want to stop grooving.
After signing up with labels like Air Snare Recs and Digital Distortion Recs, she soon started spinning in clubs in Goa, Chennai, Pune, Mumbai etc. Her sets were quickly acclaimed by the crowd and that pushed her to pursue djing as an alternative to her career of a professional yoga instructor. She has played across various clubs and parties around india over a period of 3 years. If you see her name on any line up around your city, don't miss a chance to catch her in action!

★ ORION (or ORION PROJECT)>>>>>>>>>
Orion is a project of Hans Jeetun from Mauritius (Indian Ocean), who has recently settled in Pune with the intention of growing in the Underground Music Industry.

Entertaining and mesmerising music lovers since 2007 with food for the soul, Hans has been one of the most sought for Trance and Psytrance DJs of the island. Allying his favourite styles such as Progressive Psytrance and Full-On, Hans loves to add spiritual touches to his sets, which will definitely give you goosebumps while listening to them.

Being a regular figure on the nightlife scene of Mauritius over the past few years, he has had the opportunity of sharing the decks and stages with a lot of artists such as Grouch, Hellquist, Draghul, Kryptamine, Tenishia (Ranked 47th on DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs) and Ben Gold (Anthem Boy of A State of Trance 750).

Moreover, Orion is also the creator and founder of the Psy Family Mauritius ( where his intention is to promote the Psychedelic culture and music in the paradise island. This is what inspires him in his everyday life and what keeps him driving towards his goals.

Social Media and Music pages of Orion:���� Soundcloud: �� Mixcloud:

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