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Start: 2016-07-01 , 10:00 AM
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Pagdandi - Books Chai Cafe Shop No.6, Regent Plaza, Baner Pashan Link Road, Behind Symantec


Number: 9370379727

The joy of making mask has been a cultural practice for humanity since the time of animism. This workshop will be a platform where one can bring out one's hidden facits on a tactile form as creative expression. Participants can watch and interact with the Chhau artists – the traditional practitioners of Chhau mask making of Purulia in West bengal.

CHAU MASK CRAFT- Chhau means mask -
the most essentialBhim Sutradhar & Shanti Sutradhar - the Chau MASK ARTIST – Bhim Sutradhar is an accomplished CHAU ARTIST from Charida village of Purulia district of West Bengal. He has been painting professionally for over fifteen years. He conducted several state level workshops held in Jan 2014 & Mar 2015 as part of Rural Craft Project, undertaken by UNESCO and Govt. of India- Ministry of Textiles- Development Commissioner of Handicrafts. Shanti Sutradhar is a state awardee and he successfully completed the entrepreneurship participation in a Development Training Program conducted by Rural Self Employment Training Institute under UBI. The Chau mask artisans are daily laborers or sharecroppers

element in the folk dance-drama from which it derives its name. Purulia Chhau is a theatrical dance, which is often referred to as a martial art form. The making of these masks is an independent art altogether. The masks have a frank, simple and bold look.
orbidi binders. Many have our-migrated for work. In their day-to-day struggle for life, many of them stopped practicing this craft but still they represents a part of the economic lifeline of the vulnerable sections of the society.

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