BIDRI Metalcraft Workshops

BIDRI Metalcraft Workshops

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Date and Time

Start: 2017-06-29 , 10:00 AM
End: 2017-07-03 , 7:00 PM


Pune, Maharashtra

BIDRI Metalcraft Workshops
with master artisans Saleemuddin & team
₹950 (Pre-Registration) ₹1200 (Spot-Registration)
MAKE & TAKE HOME your own Bidriware Masterpiece!
Learn, all about the history, materials, processes, motifs and ethos of the 400 year old Bidri craft. Learn the art of making and using moulds, melting the metal, working on the moulded piece, oxidising it to an elegant black and then engraving and filling it with silver, copper or bronze.
Experience the process and Make a piece that you will cherish for a lifetime!
Friday, 30th June 10 AM - 1 PM Pagdandi Books-Chai Cafe, Baner
Friday, 30th June 4 PM - 7 PM Monalisa Kalagram, Koregaon Park
Saturday, 1st July 11 AM – 2 PM Either Or, Sohrab Hall
Saturday, 1st July, 4 PM - 7 PM Gyan Adab, Kalyaninagar
Sunday, 2nd July, 10 AM - 1 PM, Warsaa/INTACH, S B Road
Sunday, 2nd July, 2 PM - 5 PM, Warsaa/INTACH, S B Road
Call Padmaja at 93703 79727 if you have any questions
About Bidri Metal Craft
The term 'Bidri' originates from the township of Bidar, Karnataka which is still the chief centre for the manufacture of the unique metal-ware. “Bidriware”, is one such metal art that has not only been embedded in the society of India but has also traversed the boundaries to cater to the global taste for art. The art originated in ancient Persia and was brought to India during the Bahamani rule in Bidar (14th -15th century).
It is considered as a mix of Turkey, Persia and Arabic countries which blended with the local styles giving birth to a unique art form known as “Bidriware”. This heritage art deserves to be revived in order to sustain the legacy of the artwork and the artisans.
About Artist Mohammad Salimuddin
Mohammad Salimuddin, Bidri Youth Mandal president, has been leading a self-help group working towards sustaining this craft. He is one of the torchbearers and has been instrumental in promoting Bidri craft. With his collaborative efforts more than 200 families are able to make a livelihood. His group’s efforts have been commendable, a ray of hope for a better future.

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