Here's What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Where You'd Be Caught Kissing In Nagpur!

Comment your results! Tee-hee!

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Nagpur wasiyo!

Kya tumne kabhi kisise pyaar kiya?

Aur kya tumne kabhi kisiko kisi public place pe kiss kiya?

They say that to make a kiss perfect, one needs to have the "perfect setting". Now that Nagpur is blessed with so much greenery (read: hariyali), spring is our perpetual PDA season! 

But dearies, we at Reacho got into our Sunday mode and drew chits to find out which public place you would be caught kissing according to your zodiac sign! 

So, ladies and gentlemen, plisstobe taking this fun spin and find out which one's yours!

PS: Your traits have got barely much to do with your results. Think of it like your just another raffle!













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