Youth Speak: An Initiative By World’s Largest Youth-Run Organisation

Prominent speakers from all over the Nagpur will talk about sustainable development goals like good jobs, innovation, no hunger, poverty, education etc.

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The world’s largest youth-run organization – AIESEC, having one of its branches in Nagpur is hosting its worldwide youth movement ‘The Youth Speak’ on this Sunday, 2nd April 2017 at Chitnavis Centre, Civil Lines, Nagpur. The event will commence at 10:00 AM sharp and will help fulfill AIESEC’s basic motto of making the youth aware about the importance of the Sustainable Development Goals set by The United Nations.

AIESEC is affiliated with the United Nations, and all the activities of the organisation revolve around the Global Goals set by United Nations aimed to create a sustainable future.

The event boasts some eminent personalities and speakers from the city, talking about the sustainable development goals like good jobs, innovation, no hunger, poverty, education etc.

The event will start with Mr. Sanjay Arora, talking about the importance of Innovation & Creativity. He is the CEO of Shells advertising, one of central India’s largest advertising agencies, since 1987.

Mr. Mohammed Zeeshan, will then focus on the Indian education system. He is the co-founder of ‘The Climber’, which helps the youth make informed career choices.

Mr. Shashikant Chaudhary is going to throw some light on entrepreneurship owing to his wealth of experiences as an Angel Investor, entrepreneur and Innovator President TiE Chapter, Nagpur.

After the speakers have delivered their sessions, the event will move onto the panel discussion, where the delegates will be involved in the discussion on the issues that Nagpur City is currently facing and the potential this city has.

Based on this discussion, AIESEC, with the help of volunteers will host a series of local projects to bring the change that the city is craving for.

The event flow will be managed by a team of AIESEC in Nagpur committee members, Persis Ratanparj, Ayush Tripathi, Gaurav Chokhani, Shubhi Singhal, Piyush Varma, Rupali Nandy, Kantini Talwatkar and Muskan Khemani. The whole team is motivated towards bringing the platform to the youth to bring the change that the youth want to bring for a better future.

To register for the event, contact Ayush: +918055466477.

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