Young 17 Year Old Nagpur Author Vies To Bring Relief To Farmers Through His Book!

Talent Knows no bounds!

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“Talent is a tenant in the house owned by genius”. Young city boy Siddharth Roy completely justifies this quote to a great extent through his achievements. 17 year old Siddharth from our own city Nagpur channeled his passion and talent in the perfect way to write and publish a book in this young age. ‘The Special Fish’ is an unusual romantic story which revolves around the life of two individuals who fall in love or the so called concept of ‘LOVE’. This book is an interesting take on the intricacies associated with relationships in the modern society and how most individuals take this for granted. Moreover Siddharth wanted to contribute all the profits from his book to a noble cause which he discussed with us in detail. Reacho had an opportunity to talk with Siddharth regarding his book which is launching on 15th of November. Here is the interesting conversation that took place with young and humble Siddharth.

Tell us something about this book of yours?

The name of the book which I am writing is, ‘The Special Fish’. It is basically an unusual romantic story based on the complicacies of relationships in this current generation. Now-a-days being in a relationship is more like a status symbol than actually being in love. At a young and tender age of 18 or 17 we do not really know what love is. We just want to show off to our friends about our girlfriend or boyfriend. It is just a matter of popularity. This is the story of a young couple named ‘Adhira’ and ‘Shubham’ and how they fall in this so called concept of love. Things change after them being together for a long time and this leads to a dramatic and unbelievable turnaround in Adhira’s life. This experience changes her mindset and thinking for good. After some time a guy named ‘Abhi’ walks into her life and things starts to change and unravel for both of them.

Any driving motivation or incident behind writing this book?

I like to scribble down short stories, articles, poems, reports as a hobby of mine. I actually went through this stage like the characters of my book did and I observed that there was no appropriate respect and admiration for love in this modern generation. Even during my seminars, people used to say, there is no such thing as love. It is nothing more than a physical attraction. I wanted to change this mentality and thinking of individuals through this book.

When and how did you decide to publish this book?

I had just finished with my short story and I went to college as usual. After returning home, I saw my book was missing. So, I called my mother and asked her about my book. She then said, Dad took your book with him. Once my Dad came home with the book, he said I have a surprise for you and he said I have given your story to a publisher. I was completely taken back, as my book was not finished and it was just a prototype. He said, let the publishers take a look and then they will decide. To be honest, publishing this book initially was not my aim. Then after few days I received a call from an unknown number and they said, Power Publications really liked your concept and story and we want to publish this book if you are interested. They advised me to elaborate my thoughts and apply them with the story of this book. You can create a trailer from a movie, but you cannot make a movie out of the trailer, and that’s what I was expected to do. So, it was a challenging task for me, but I completed my story and they loved it and that’s how we decided to publish it.

How much time did it take for you to complete this book?

It took me around two months to complete this book. After that we chalked out an official contract and things were set in motion.

Any particular author or books do you follow?

 My favorite author is John Green and his book ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ is my favorite. Also 2 States from Chetan Bhagat is the book I cherish a lot.

What are your expectations out of this book?

 Our main target is young individuals but this book can be enjoyed by older people as well. We are planning to contribute all the profits from this book to a noble cause. We will donate all the profits either to a government operated NGO or a Private NGO. My main aim is to help the cause of our farmers who endure lots of suffering and pain.

What are your future aspirations?

 As we know being a writer or an artist in India is not easy. Everybody is pressurized to be an engineer or doctor. But, I believe if you are really passionate towards your dream and if you stick to your dream no matter what, you will be able to achieve it. My future aspirations are to keep contributing towards the society through the means of literature.

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