You Have To Follow These Best Food Instagrammers From Nagpur, RIGHT NOW!

These Instagrammers from Nagpur are providing reviews and updates of the newest food joints and bringing in a food revolution!

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The misconception that Nagpur has no great places to hangout is just a passe, now! So what, if we don’t have McDonald's! We still have a plethora of restaurants, cafes, and lounges that serve some lip smacking delicacies. And wait, did I mention that they have some interesting ambiance too?! 

Currently, food Instagramming is the most popular trend and hence, several youngsters from Nagpur are making the most out of it. Hence, if you’re planning an outing with your group of friends, then you might consider following these food bloggers on Instagram. Only to get a fair idea about the most happening food joints in Nagpur.

For your convenience, Reacho has compiled a list of some of the best food Instagrammers from Nagpur (not in any particular order) which you should follow, like RIGHT NOW!

1.  The Tongue and Scissors  

Instagram ID: @thetongueandscissors 

Followers: 13.3k

Admin says:  I clubbed my love for photography with food and created this account. Even my personal Instagram account was filled with pictures of food and hence the thought of channelising it properly came into my mind. Being a medical student, it’s rather tough to take out time. But still, The Tongue and Scissors is my part time hobby as it gives me peace.

Source: The Tongue and Scissors

Why we like it?: The fact that this Instagram account features varied places, from small tapris to plush high-end restaurants. This one also has some great pictures, reliable reviews, price range and the address of the food joint.

2.  Food Diaries MH 31

Instagram ID: @food_diaries_mh31 

Followers: 1k

Admins say: The admins of this page consider themselves as self-proclaimed connoisseurs who are trying to guide the food lovers from Nagpur with the best food joints. 


Source: Food Diaries MH31

Why we like it?: Let's admit it that none of us have time to read the never ending captions. Hence, this Instagram account, in particular, talks about the various food joint, in a concise manner. Plus, the collage gives a sneak peek of the place in addition to the dishes. 

3.  Nagpur Food Lovers

Instagram ID:  @nagpurfoodlovers

Followers: 2k

Admin says: So this all started when I planned to come back to my city and gave a thought about starting something in the food sector. Eventually, I met the account’s co-admin and we started uploading food blogs. She, being a non-vegetarian, helped us in giving varied content to our followers. Presently, we're looking forward to doing more vlogs. The main motto of vlogging is that we get to interact with foodies out there in various food joints. Also, there are several new ideas which are in pipeline just to engage a larger crowd. 

Source: Nagpur Food Lovers

Why we like it?: Apart from pictures and reviews, this account also features vlogs talking about the place, ambiance, and food. That’s what makes Nagpur Food Lovers, unique and intriguing!

4.  Food Stuff Nagpur

Instagram ID: @food.stuff_ngp 

Followers: 5k

Admin says: Food Stuff Nagpur, the name itself suggests that the blog is all about the food ranging from a small food kiosk to a luxurious five-star restaurant. Also, it is a way to promote the chef inside you, attract business and serve Nagpur with the best possible recipes.

Source: Food Stuff Nagpur

Why we like it? : Apart from the usual food blogging and reviewing, Food Stuff Nagpur also promotes the budding chefs in Nagpurians by featuring their dishes. They’ve some great pictures too!

Hungry already? Hurry up and start following these amazing Instagrammers from Nagpur, ASAP!

After you’re done with stalking these Instagram accounts and drooling over the food pictures, you can visit the Reacho Food Festival, so that you can pamper your taste buds to the T.

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