Why You should Attend International Yoga Day With Anushka Karira

Why You should Attend International Yoga Day With Anushka Karira

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International yoga day is upon us and everyone should take active part in it. If you have not yet registered yourself for a session of Yoga on this International yoga day then stress not you can still do it with Anushka Karaira and team. It is free of cost for everyone and anyone that wishes to celebrate Yoga’s special day.

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Now let’s take a look at what this event has to offer for you guys and how you can have a wonderful time in this year’s International Yoga day.

Yoga session with Anushka Karira and team

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Anushka and her team will be your by your side throughout the session. Anushka's extensive expertise in various fields like counseling, psychotherapist, Spiritual coach etc will help and guide you step by step. She will be your trainer and guide in this 3-hour long spiritual journey.

Meditation session

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Meditation has the power of healing. A session of meditation can reinforce your body and mind with life energy and help you feel more relax. A lesson of meditation can be learned from here and repeated at your home or anyplace. As long as you are taking out time for it, the positive influx of energy would not stop.

Music Therapy

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Where everything fail music succeeds. How true is that statement? Music has the power to lift your spirits up change you feel at any given point of time and make you feel more relaxed and happy. It has been scientifically proved  that the power of music can cure you of anxiety, stress, and even depression.

Aroma Therapy

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Aromatherapy is a therapy that involves the use of essential oils and various essences taken from plants. Aromatherapy can help in cleansing mind, body and soul. Its application can unify Physiological, Psychological and spiritual process which enhance your inner process of healing. Its physical application can also aid in health, hygiene and beautification.

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These 3 major sessions will take good care of your mind, body and grant you mental peace. 3 hours of non-stop fun and sessions of meditation and therapy awaits you all. So what is the wait? Contact on +91-8087186587 and join in with the team of Anushka Karira and celebrate International Yoga Day.

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