Does Nagpur Deserve 137th Position In Swachh Survekshan 2017 Rankings?

This year, 434 cities participated in Swachh Survekshan and Indore was declared the cleanest city in India.

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The Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD), just recently came up with 2017’s Swachh Bharat rankings and the result was not flattering, especially for the Nagpurkars. 

Swachh Survekshan is a survey done by MoUD in which Indian cities are ranked on the basis of cleanliness and other aspects of urban sanitation. While the number of cities that took part in this survey in 2016 was 73, the number increased to a huge 434. While Mysuru was termed as the cleanest city, last year, Indore bagged the top spot, this time!

In 2016, Nagpur overall was ranked 20 and was one was the top movers in the country from its 2014 rank of 60. But this year, the city’s ranking was a miserable 137 so much so that even Chandrapur’s rank was way better than Nagpur.

The whole ranking part seems shocking that Nagpur is hometown to Maharashtra’s chief minister Devendra Fadnavis. The blame game has begun in full swing, with citizens complaining about civic authorities. But you can’t ignore the fact that people play a major role in a city’s cleanliness. 

 Let's decode Nagpur’s performance and the reason why Nagpur deserves the 137th position. Or maybe not!

The curious case of solid waste management!

Source: Civildigital

Out of the ten pre-requisites prescribed by the ministry for proper solid waste management, Nagpur has failed to achieve about half of them. The city neither has a proper functional waste processing plant nor it has a sanitary landfill. Also, more than 50 percent wards in Nagpur don’t have informal waste pickers. 

No soch because less shauchalay!

Source: DNA

Just like solid waste management, there are two targets related to Open Defecation Free or ODF that can affect your overall rank. They are:
1.The city should be declared an ODF by Quality Council of India.
2. More than 75 percent of the areas in the city should be ODF. 

Nagpur, on the other hand, has failed to achieve both!

On-site picture is no different!

Source: Wordpress

While 75 percent of residential areas in Nagpur were relatively clean, same can’t be said about the commercial areas! The area around Nagpur railway station and bus stand are not clean. Moreover, majority of community and public toilets in Nagpur are not gender, child and disabled friendly!

Sample size matters. A lot!

One of the main parameters which was directly proportional to the city’s ranking was the citizens’ feedback. While Nagpur city’s total population is 24,05,665, the number of citizens that shared their feedback was mere 7,061. This is just about 0.29 percent!

Whereas if we compare this with the numbers of India’s cleanest city Indore, we’ll get to see a stark difference. Indore’s total population is 19,64,068 and the number of citizens that shared feedback was 80,753 which amounts to about 4 percent. 

If we just go by plain numbers, then the methodology which is followed during Swachh Sarvekshan is at fault. If the ministry wanted a fair survey, then it could’ve decided the minimum sample size for each city based according to the respective population.

Even the competition was tough, this year!

As mentioned earlier, last year, 73 cities took part in this Survekshan and Nagpur's rank was 20. This year, the number increased and there were about 434 cities in the picture.In other words, the competition was six times more this year, than last year!

Going by that logic, Nagpur's position doesn't seem to have changed much.( Extrapolated rank considering last year's data would be somewhere around 120).

While the methodology of the survey is slightly questionable, we can’t ignore that it’s our mistake as well!

While facts and figures show that civic authorities have failed to achieve the given targets, we have failed as citizens as well! It was 2013 when ABP News declared Nagpur as the best city in India to live in, and we’re still bragging about it. It’s been four years from then and things have changed drastically.

High time we come out of our bubble and face the reality!

Fact and Figures are taken from Swachh Survekshan's official website.

Title image: nagpur, Ganesh Dhamodkar

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