Why Chitnavis Centre Is The Place To Be Every Weekend

Chitnavis Centre in Civil Lines has become the epicentre of all that is hip, urbane, and exciting in the Orange City.Read on to know about.

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All those of you lamenting that Nagpur has no “culture”, fret no more! Chitnavis Centre in Civil Lines has become the epicentre of all that is hip, urbane, and exciting in the Orange City. Be it a quirky cafe for a relaxed evening with friends, or screening of cult Hollywood classics, CC’s sprawling premises have it all. Read on to know about all the exciting things that the centre has to offer:

1. The Culture Hotspot

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Feel like some pure Hindustani classical music? Come to CC. Hindi film oldies? Here again. Dance recitals? Flash mobs? Instrumental jams? Take your pick from the myriad of cultural events by artistes from all over, all the year round.

2. Keep Healthy With Yoga

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With a Yoga instruction facility that is in the heart of the city, at a convenient time and most importantly FREE, you have no more excuses to let your body suffer in silence!

3. Rediscover the classics

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Are you a movie buff looking for something more satisfying than the commercial stuff dished out every Friday? CC conducts movie screenings regularly, offering Hollywood and Indian classics, documentaries and play adaptations for the hungry soul.

4. Speaking of plays…

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CC has its own conference rooms Banyan and Laburnum, complete with a dais and high-end acoustic arrangements, for staging plays. So if you’re a theatre enthusiast, look no further! The same venues also serve as the backdrop for seminars, meetings, and similar events.

5. Sprawling art galleries and verdant lawns

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Art aficionado are we? The art galleries at CC, Chitrayan and Rangayan, almost always have something for the culture junkie in you! From exhibitions by local artistes to concerts by renowned singers, the events here are bound to keep all your weekends busy! Thinking of hosting an event yourself? The Central and South Court Lawns are perfect for fine weather gatherings!

6. One-of-its-kind events!

Jealous of your Non-Resident Nagpuri friends who boast of the numerous stand up acts they have seen live? Well, you can now give them something to be envious about! CC is hosting Naye Chutkule, a stand up event by Nagpur’s very own stand up comedian Jitesh Vasani. You can catch the hilarious comedian live on Sunday, August 7 at Banyan. How do you get in, you ask? Read more here.

7. Cafe Zinea: The Perfect Place To Unwind

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You can’t visit Zinea just once. The quintessentially Nagpuri murals, the upbeat music, the variety of food and the courteous service will make this your go-to spot every time you need an outing with family, friends or just some me-time. Potterheads, they also have BUTTERBEER!

You can become a member of the Chitnavis Centre and attend many such entertaining events free! Find out how.

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