Where All The "Mahol" Is: 8 Nagpur Colleges Winning The Style Game

We at Reacho have listed the most fashionable colleges that set the trends for the college-going crowd in Nagpur:

Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology (VNIT), Shri Ramdeobaba Kamla Nehru College Of Engineering (SRKNCE), GH Raisoni College of Engineering (GHRCE), Inter National Institute of Fashion Designing (INIFD), Tirpude College, Hislop College, Yeshwantr, Nagpur Colleges During Festival, Most Fashionable Colleges In Nagpur, College Students During Festivals, Raisoni College During Fest, RCOEM During Pratishruti, INIFD, VNIT, Crescendo, Priyadarshini College During Festival, Nagpur Colleges During festival

There are two kinds of colleges: One with a fixed dress code and others, without. With the abundance of of engineering colleges in Nagpur, dress codes prevent many students from flaunting their style. We have all heard the line, "You come here to study, not for a fashion show", innumerable times. This however does not stop the students. We at Reacho have listed the most fashionable colleges that set the trends for the college-going crowd in Nagpur:

1. Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology (VNIT)


Source: AarohiWorld

Who can tell that these flawlessly dressed girls have pulled an all-nighter the previous night? Along with the persistent hard work that their courses demand, they also manage to turn up quite well for their fests.

2. Shri Ramdeobaba Kamla Nehru College Of Engineering


Source: facebook

With Pratishruti and the “swag kam nahi hona chahiye” attitude, RCOEM is always buzzing with festivals and events. With a diverse crowd, style reaches its zenith.  And this college is where you see students presenting the latest trends with perfection.

3. GH Raisoni College of Engineering


Source: facebook

From North to South, the most trending of outfits can be found on the students of this college. With the great variety of courses offered, comes a diverse set of students; and they don’t miss the opportunity to set the trend with their own styles and fashion commandments.

4. Inter National Institute of Fashion Designing


Source: facebook

The very home for the makers of fashion, INIFD has designers-in-training who, with their fashion shows and personal style statements, make the rules for others as well.

5. Tirpude College


Source: facebook

Known for its famous festival Crescendo, this college has many streams to offer. Apart from the academics, this college has students who don’t take the style game lightly. From trending hair-colour to the latest outfits, they take college style to another level.

6. Hislop College


Source: facebook

With a no-rules rule and the most flexible of regulations, this college has students who pull off fashion trends effortlessly and immaculately. The heritage of the college contrasts with the ever-changing and fresh trends that Hislopians follow.

7. Yeshwantrao Chavan College of Engineering


Source: facebook

The trends here are twisted, turned and redefined by the students with utmost excellence and persistence. They do not just adapt trends, they make their own.

8. Priyadarshini College


Source: facebook

Priyadarshini College offers many courses, but along with that, the students offer many fashion trends to follow. They are the firsts to spot and adopt changes and that’s how others map out their style statements in the city.

So, did your college make it to the list?

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