Things You Should NOT Do In Nagpur

Ground rules you must adhere to!

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Just like every city, Nagpur has got its own set of blatant rules that everyone follows, so much so that it becomes a routine: people don't realize them as rules anymore. From abusing a Maharashtrian to cursing the heat, there are many unsaid and unwritten rules that one needs to follow in Nagpur.

While all the other city-centric blogs will tell you where to go, what to eat and what to do in the city, we at Reacho bring to you these things you should NOT do in Nagpur and here's how the list unfolds:


Nagpur belongs to the deccan plateau and without any blatant reasons it is blatantly clear that Nagpur's every season (including winters) is hot like every other city's summer. And it's summer, in turn, is hotter than the sun itself (no kidding). And complaining about the heat will be an insult to those bawa jis who have turned their hair grey from the exposure to the sunlight.

Central India, being a prominent part of Maharashtra, consists of maharashtrians in majority. And speaking ill of maharashtrians or worse, abusing them, is much like a criminal offense and if you are found guilty, you might as well get convicted for it.

Traffic in Nagpur is like winters in Nagpur, it exists but it doesn't really exists. Nagpur, being embraced by minimal or no traffic at all, makes it difficult for one to get drag oneself into a number of false excuses. If you do that, you're making a fool of yourself and nothing less.

One must not, in any circumstances whatsoever, question the typical Nagpuri lingo. A Nagpuri’s syntax and suffix and other grammatical details that seem erred to you aren't really errors. The language has evolved over ages and you can't question or try to modify it in any way possible.

Apun aisehich baat karta hai re mama!

No, it's not like the Nagpurians have misplaced hearing aids or have poor listening skills. It's just that even if you're travelling and speaking over phone, speaking softly is prohibited. Chances are, the people sitting next to you are eager to hear you more than the person you're speaking to.

Traffic rules might be redundant in your city, but here in Nagpur, if you break red signal, mama will not only empty your pockets but will also make you beg for mercy. Following traffic rules are like breathing. If you break it and stay alive, then it's either a miracle or you're an alien (or perhaps immortal).

Nagpur’s street food is so great that even five stars don't stand out when compared to the taste and quantity. From Pani Puri Wala who uses Bisleri to the Pav Bhajji wala who uses Haldirams Pav: they all have extraordinary taste and flavor of the city and one must not underestimate it's deliciousness and quality.

Tourist places in Nagpur are much like santras that get exported: there's literally none left for us. If you ask a Nagpurian about tourist places, chances are, he'll take you to Futala or show you zero mile. In such adverse situations it is suggested to keep the frown at bay and replace it with excitement (even if it's tough to force it).

Or maybe you can read our travel blogs and feel happy about Nagpur and the beautiful places you can visit.

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RiYa Chawla (WRITER)

Riya Chawla, is currently pursuing Literature and Psychology from Nagpur. Being a vehement writer and an avid reader, she longs to bring complexities to an end and help commas become inverted.