Crisis Alert! Water Supply In Various Parts Of Nagpur To Come Down By 50 Percent

Difficult days ahead for Nagpurkars!

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It looks like there is a bad news for the citizens living in north, east, and south Nagpur as Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) has decided to cut down the water supply by 50 percent.

This decision is taken because the water at jackwell has gone 8 cm below the inlet strainer top. 

The information was confirmed by a senior official from NMC’s water department.

According to the official, the pumping from Kanhan water treatment plant will reduce the level further.

“Today the plant operated at 70% of normal flow/production (normal production is 195MLD). In the next five days, production will further reduce to 40-50% resulting in less and restricted water supply to north, east and south Nagpur areas,” TOI quoted the official.  

The official also said that only partial pumping has been done due to less than required water availability.

Meanwhile, NMC has asked the water resources department to release 1000 MLD water. 333.3 MLD of water will be simultaneously released from the Khekra Naala dam. It will take at least three days to reach the destination. This released water will fill up to the overflow point at Kochchhi barrage. Then, the water will resume from the Kochchhi barrage in the downstream towards Kanhan intake well. The whole process may take 5-6 days for the water to reach Kanhan intake well.

Information Source: TOI

Title Image: theweek

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