This Car Service Company Should Be On Speed Dial Of Every Busy Car Owner In Nagpur

From exterior finishing to interior cleaning, Wash On Wheel does it all and that too on demand!

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Does the cementing of Nagpur roads and metro construction, everywhere is taking a toll on your beloved brand new car? Or do you just miss its old shine? Do puddles and those mud spots on your car leave you worried? Well, then this will surely make your day.

Wash On Wheel, a prominent car wash and customer service platform in the city will help you in maintaining your car, new as ever! Wash on Wheel believes in providing high-quality services with respect to washing and detailing of the car. All this and more at a very reasonable rate.

Also, it has just been one and half years since the company kick-started its operations in Nagpur. Still, it has managed to spread its name across the city in such a short span.

Here are some of the services offered by Wash On Wheel which will give you an ultimate customer satisfaction!

1.  It is Nagpur’s first on-demand and on-location car service!

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If you are too busy in your work that you don’t have time to take care of your car, then Wash On Wheel is just a click away! No matter what car you’re driving, make sure you opt for this service and we’re confident that you’ll not be disappointed. You just have to dial a number (+91 97670 33555), fix an appointment and your car will be cleaned, right at the location where it is parked.

Moreover, you don’t need to provide ANY supplies… even the water! Everything is brought by “Wash on Wheel” at the location of your car. Also available are the different cleaning packages according to your will and budget. 

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2. Full Interior Dry Cleaning

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It is very important that the interior of the car is as clean as the exterior portion. Hence for this, dry and chemical cleaning of the roof, doors, seats, and dashboard can be done.

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3. Paper Polishing, Rubbing and Waxing

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Give the exterior of your car, a layer of protection by opting for waxing. Paper polishing and rubbing will help you in bringing back the lost glaze of your car.

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4. Paint Protection

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Another brilliant way of maintaining the shine of your car is to coat it with Teflon. Teflon is chemically synthesized from the fluoropolymer. It helps in preventing corrosion and also keeps the car new like, for a very long time.

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Watch this video to see them in action:

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See! You don’t need to worry about your car, now. Because Wash On Wheel is to your rescue! If you want to fix an appointment for your car, then drop a mail at or call on 9767033555 for further details or visit You can also like their Facebook page for further updates. 

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