Nagpur To See Vishnu Manohar In A Marathi Movie Soon

Vishnu Manohar will be playing double role in the film.

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Nagpur’s most popular chef Vishnu Manohar is all set to act in the film Once More. This time, he will be seen in a double role. The Marathi feature film has been directed by actor Naresh Bidkar.

According to a website the film is being produced under the banner of Vanshikka Creations and Chef Vishnu Manohar himself is the co-producer of the film.

Talking to TOI Vishnu Manohar said, "I wanted to be an actor in childhood but dropped out of film school. Luckily, my fate has brought me opportunities to appear on television, and now this film," he said.

Source: ABP

Shweta Bidkar, who has penned many serials including Kalay Tasmay Namah has written the film. Talking about the film she said, "This movie is a hilarious experiment that has not been attempted in Bollywood or Hollywood," says Shweta.

Well, keeping the film concealed, Shweta gave a tiny hint that the film deals with the ultimate rhetorical question.

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"The movie revolves around a husband and showcases his life. How do things happen and where is it all connected. Past life regression has shown that 90 per cent of the times, a husband and wife are enemies in their past lives. Our movie attempts to find out whether this is a myth or a reality," she says.

While the film is directed by Naresh, it also stars Rohini Hattangadi, Bharat Ganeshpure, Purnima Talwalkar. Musician Pandit Ashok Patki's son Ashutosh Patki and actor-dancer Dhanashree Patil will be making their debut in Marathi cinema.

Information Souce: TOI

Title Image: Youtube

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