Umred-Karhandla Wildlife Under Threat As Road Widening Works To Cut Through The Corridor

The road from Umred to Bhiwapur comes under the eco-sensitive zone (ESZ) of the sanctuary.

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Following up on the road widening announcement of the Nagpur‐Umred‐Naghbid‐Brahmapuri‐Armori stretch of the National Highway 353D and Gondkhairi to Saoner road through Kalmeshwar and Dhapewada, it is now learned that the former road will pave way through the tiger corridor between Tadoba and Umred-Karhandla Wildlife Sanctuary (UKWS). The road will cut through the corridor. NHAI had recently announced that these two roads will be widened and converted into four-lane roads from single lane.

A part of road which extends from Umred to Bhiwapur comes under the eco-sensitive zone (ESZ) of the sanctuary. State wildlife board’s permission is required in order to make any changes or upgradation.

The land to be acquired for widening the road from Kalmeshwar to Saoner comes mostly under the agricultural land zone. However, it is on the Umred to Bhiwapur stretch of road that witnesses a lot of animal deaths. Keeping this problem in view, securing the wildlife permission will be difficult. The PWD too, did not push for taking the works on this particular road and took the alternative road instead.

“As the road is passing through the middle of the forest area, bypassing the forest and the proposed ESZ is not possible. We plan to leave the road near the sanctuary untouched and if not possible, we will implement the project with mitigation measures,” sources at NHAI added.

Information source: timesofindia

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