Three Tigresses From Nagpur's Maharajbagh Find A Mate In Gorewada's Sahebrao!

Sahebrao, at first, lived in Maharajbagh but later was shifted to Gorewada Zoo.

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Jaai, Lee and Jaan, the three popular tigresses of Nagpur's Maharajbagh zoo are living without a steady mate for more than a year.

The zoo authorities were trying hard to find a suitable mate for them but they failed to do so. Until they met Sahebrao of Gorewada. Sahebrao, at first, lived in Maharajbagh but later was shifted to Gorewada Zoo.

Talking about the partnership arrangement, officer-in-charge of Maharajbagh Zoo, Dr Sunil Bawaskar told,

"Gorewada Zoo has a requirement for female tigresses for Sahebrao, so we are assisting the authorities in this endeavor. By August end, the process of sending Jaai, Lee and Jaan to Gorewada for breeding loan shall begin. First, we will send Lee because she is already familiar with Sahebrao. When their cubs are born, we will send Jaan and Jai next on rotation. And the Cubs will later be distributed accordingly."

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There was a news that all the all the tigresses are being transferred to Gorewada Zoo permanently with immediate effect. Clarifying the news, Bawaskar said,

"There is no truth in these reports. These tigresses will be shifted to Gorewada Zoo eventually, but it is a long process and it will take some time. In the meantime, we are trying everything possible to ensure that they are properly looked after and their needs are fulfilled."

Sahebrao is now 10 years old and suffers from a limb disability, due to which many are skeptical whether he is an ideal mate or not. Assuring the feared Bawaskar said,

"At 10, Sahebrao is fit for breeding and mating for our tigresses, who are almost eight."

We hope that this is a match made in heaven!

Information source: timesofindia

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