This 71-YO Proves That There's No Age To Follow Your Passion

This grey-haired artists plans to keep her next exhibition at Jahangir Art Gallery in Mumbai.

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Somebody rightly said, “Age is just a number” and this 71-year-old artist is proving this statement right.

Despite the fact that she never had a formal training in the fine arts, Prabha Bhaiyya recently showcased her art in her first ever exhibition. She displayed 100 paintings at Raja Ravi Varma Art Galley.

Bhaiyya used acrylic oil and watercolors to bring folk and tribal art and drawing alive on her canvas. Most of her work is inspired by legendary artist Ravi Varma. She took almost three years to complete the paintings.

She has earlier made a painting, about 40 years back at the eight-day workshop on tribal and folk art organized by South Central Zone Cultural Centre (SCZCC) to sharpen her skills.

“I used to paint intermittently. Lack of formal training restricted my work so I attended that workshop to learn the techniques," she told TOI.

The paintings displayed in the gallery are of the Gond, Tanjavar and Madhubani style.Titled ‘Vanprastha se Rangprasth’, the exhibition showcases Baiyya's incredible talent and hardwork. 

 “I took to painting as a form of expression which also helped me pass my time. But once I started I could not stop myself and today I am addicted to it. I can’t sleep unless I have painted,” she added.

Although the exhibition is still running, more than 25 paintings have already been sold!

Bhaiyya,who bagged a gold medal in state-level swimming competition two years back when she was 69-years-old, started painting as a passion.

“I have tried to cover the cost of material used and the creativity and effort that has gone into it. I used to call people home to see my work. My paintings used to remain stacked up due to lack of space.”

Prabha Bhaiyya certainly proves "Passion is oxygen of the soul"!

Title Image and Information Source: TOI

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