These Youngsters Tell Their Indian Youth Conclave Experience And Why You Should Attend It

IYC 2016 of Nagpur got stunning response. Young guys who desire to explore the unexplored showed active participation.Here are some reactions of those youths :-

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Indian Youth Conclave is a youth-centric festival targeted at those who want to follow their dreams and passions. It brings together TEDx Speakers, Entrepreneurs, Artists, Designers, Geeks and Musicians. It is for those who choose to follow their heart and travel the roads untravelled.

They held the conclave in Chennai on 10th April this year and now on 14th August, for the first time, the event will be held in Nagpur.

The Conclave brings ‘mentors’ to guide the youth towards their dreams and passions.

We asked some youngsters who attended the previous event about why they love IYC and what attracted them to this wonderful event.

Read on!

Harshal Bathija

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Hi, I'm Harshal Bathija. I'm doing my final year in Accounting and Finance. I love anything - food, words, music, dance and coffee. Long conversations are an added bonus. 

1. Why do you love IYC?

When I first heard of this event, I fell in love, I fell in love with the concept. I didn't know who the mentors were, it didn't matter to me. The idea that somebody who has achieved going down a road scarcely populated is going to talk to you, tell you about their journey and inspire you in itself is amazing. And there were thirteen of them!

2. How did it benefit you in your career?

IYC '16 was my first event as an Organising Committee member and it gave me a huge exposure into the startup experience and the people. I found strengths I didn't know I possessed and I have a chance to work on my weaknesses and grow with the organisation.

3. Why do you think people should attend IYC?

Again, I will emphasise the fact that the idea is brilliant. The Climber put together a day with mentors coming in from thirteen different fields and inspiring close to 650 delegates. And my opinion is you needn't even be into dance in order to look forward to High Kicks perform. You need to have a passion that you want to make space for in your life. Because that's what they managed to do. So listening to them speak will inspire you to follow your passion, like they did. That's the idea behind IYC.

Tamanna Bhatia

Hey this is Tamanna Bhatia, B.Tech Electrical and Electronics Engineering student from SRM University, Second year. I think changing the entire education system is unrealistic, but we can develop ourselves inside the system. We can follow our passions simultaneously with a degree and increase the degree's worth. Hence, I believe in The Climber.

1. Why do you love IYC?

The indian youth conclave was a festival. I love IYC for the fact that people enjoyed themselves to the fullest and simultaneously got mentored. IYC impacted people to great measures. It was a delight seeing the delegates getting personally in touch with their mentors and learning from them. But what i love the most? The messages i still get from my friends and contacts about how great IYC was and how they are waiting for the next edition.

2.  How did it benefit you in your career?

Being in the organising committee I developed leadership skills. To get things done someone needed to take charge. I took charge wherever needed. With an organising committee of over 70 people I learnt team work better than ever. Getting a first hand experience in organising a big event like IYC, managing it and connecting with people, I am sure this will help me in any organisation or company i join in future.

3. Why do you think people should attend IYC?

People always learn better when they have a personal connect with people mentoring them. IYC provides the delegates a one on one conversation with the mentor in their field of interest. IYC motivates to choose your passion as career so you can actually enjoy life. Even at the end of the day if you do not choose your passion as your career you are still inspired enough to make it an integral part of your life. You always leave the IYC hall with a smile on your face and a learning experience.

Vibhor Kumar

Hi, this is Vibhor! I'm studying mechanical engineering in SRM University. I'm currently in my second year and my passion is anything that involves being creative!

1. Why do you love IYC?

When I was a kid, I was asked always asked, "What do you want to become when you grow up?" 
Ambitious and spirited as I was, I would think that I wanted to be an actor. On another day, I wanted to be a painter. The next day, an astronaut. Today, I'm studying engineering. 
If you attend an IYC, you would have completely rediscovered yourself. You would be exposed of the amazing feats you can achieve. The Indian Youth Conclave inspires you. It motivates you. It ignites your passion. It identifies your superpower. It identifies you.

2. How did it help you in your career?

Attending an Indian Youth Conclave gives you years of experience. It showed me how hardwork is not as important as smart work. An amazing day spent with mentors from the field of my calling, I did also connect with a lot of people who shared the same goals as I do, made some great friends. Moreover, it instilled in me that extra motivation to excel in the projects that I do.

3. Why do you think people should attend IYC?

If you are to attend an IYC, do it for yourself. Passion is the very fuel of inspiration. Art is something very dear to me, my most powerful weapon. It allows me to be who I am, whilst dropping me off to an alternate reality.  Paint gives me solace, charcoal words. The entire process is a bridge between imagination and  expression, which no dictionary can communicate. With this, ideas can be built, worlds changed and emotions expressed. In the end, it's all about what gives you satisfaction. That is your true self worth. Find your solace.

Everybody has some talent in them. If you have a calling, an urge, something you think about day and night, a passion, it is there for you to follow, to listen to it, to move toward it, and find out in many ways it may bring you more into being your total and complete self.
You would have really known after your first IYC!

Mohit Kumar

I'm studying in DG vaishnav college, 2nd year, BBA (Bachelors of Business Administration).

1. Why do you love IYC?

I love IYC because it is a place where students get inspired by the mentors, who come and guide them. And people have fun too!. Its not just a place where people get inspired it's a place where we increase our contacts, learn many things form everyone, enjoy with our friends, etc. It's a place where we all come together. We live the moment.

2. How did it help you in your career?

We get guidance from the people who are well versed in their profession. They tell us about the situations that they have faced, the mistakes they have committed etc, and these advices help us to follow our passion and not commit the same mistake as them.

3. Why do you think people should attend IYC?

I think people should attend IYC because it will be beneficial for them, as they will get the opportunity to interact with celebrities and professionals who are successful in their profession. They will get to know what they really want to do. They will get advices from people who are already masters in their fields. It is a great opportunity which is being provided by The climber and people should grab this opportunity.

Nagpur’s Indian Youth Conclave:

Date: 14 August

Place: Chitnavis Centre

Timing: 10 AM - 8 PM

For tickets contact Zeeshan :

Phone: +91 9923156536

Email ID:

More details about such events can be found at The Climber, a startup which ‘helps students find passion and pursue it’.

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