Space For Playgrounds And Recreational Purposes To Be Cut Down As Per State Government's Proposal

The proposal, which is unfavorable for citizen, is stated to be profitable for land owners and developers.

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The unified development control regulation (DCR) has brought about a substantial change posing contrast to the developmental fervor of the city. According to a proposal of the state government, the open space allotted for recreation and playground purpose is set to be reduced to 10% of the total layout area from the existing norm of 15%. The move, which is unfavorable for citizen, is stated to be profitable for land owners and developers.

Presently, it is compulsory to keep aside 15% of the layout for open space and 5% for amenity space. The amenity space will increase directly in proportion to the layout area.

As per the unified DCR, layouts of half acre or more will mandatorily have open space only up to 10% but no amenity space. Layouts of 2.5 acres or more only will be able to provide for amenity space but that too only up to 10%.

The open space for playground has been marked upto 40% of the total land procured for educational purposes.

The planning authority has been bestowed with the rights to open space as per the existing norms. However, in the unified DCR, it is the society/association of the residents who will be the caretakers of the land. In case of any violations, the planning authority will intervene and take over.

The open space are has been cut down as the government has kept a provision of two-storeyed structure with built-up area of 15% of total area of open space in hold with it. Numerous more purposes have been added to the existing spectrum of the usage of open space viz. club house, vipasana, yoga centre, crèche, kindergarten, library, water tank, electric substation, generator set, pump houses, garbage treatment, public health centre etc.

A convenience shopping centre below the pavilion has been permitted on the paying a premium at the rate of 10% of ready reckoner value, in case of sports pavilion.

Although, the amenity space will not be conferred upon the planning authorities, only except when required for playground, garden, school, hospital, fire station, police station, electric sub-station, parking etc.

If the amenity space is handed over to the planning authorities, then the land owners/developers will get FSI/TDR. With the consent of the authorities only for the prescribed purposes, the land owners/developers can use the amenity space.

While speaking to TOI, city’s noted architect Virendra Khare condemned the move. “It should have been increased over 15%. The area of open spaces falls short even in existing norms. Also, not much playgrounds are available for people. An increase in amenity space will not benefit people as many other things have been permitted in it,” he said.

Talking about the benefits this proposal will bring about for land owners and developers, RTI activist TH Naidu said, “How much open and amenity spaces should be permitted should be left compulsorily to the planning authorities. Apart from sports and garden, it should not be permitted for any other use. And, there should be no provision to allot these spaces to private institutions. There was even a need to make leaving spaces mandatory in such a manner that it can be joined with spaces of adjacent layouts and the entire plot becomes a big playground,” he said.

The unified DCR is already at the receiving end of criticism with respect to reduction in FSI for residential and commercial. A notification has been issued on the unified DCR by the government on March 8 and a month’s long time has been given for chipping in suggestions and objections.

Information source: timesofindia

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