South Eastern Central Railway Sets A New Record; Constructs RUR In A Span Of 44 Hours!

SECR’s construction department started building the bridge on Friday midnight and completed the works by 8pm on Saturday.

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The South East Central Railway (SECR) constructed a rail under a rail (RUR) bridge on the Nagpur-Chhindwara track in a record time of 44 hours. The move is understood as a major step taken in eliminating one of the biggest obstacles that came in the way of speeding up of broad gauge work between Nagpur-Chhindwara.

SECR’s action aligns with one of the focal points of the ministry of railways viz gauge conversion.

Speaking about this development, SECR divisional railway manager (DRM) Amit Kumar Agarwal, said, "RUR is a bridge which allows movement of trains simultaneously from above and beneath when trains criss-cross at a point. It was a challenging task completed it in 44 hours train block."

The 149-km Nagpur-Chhindwara gauge conversion project is one of the biggest railway project undertaken by the SECR. The project is estimated to be completed by December 2018.

A new railway line was to be constructed which crossed the current network within the Nagpur area as a part of this project. As of now, there are three surface crossings (lines) — Kalamna-Koradi line, Nagpur — Kalamna and Kalamna-Itwari main lines. Before RUR, the situation of surface crossing would have detained the trains on the main line, which is why the RUR was constructed on an urgent basis. The cost of the bridge was Rs. 4.21 crores.

Agarwal stated that a RUR is a rare thing given for the execution, logistics and drainage hassles.

"In this case, drainage problem was resolved by keeping zero surcharges above reinforced cement concrete (RCC) boxes. For execution, 'cut and cover' method were planned by taking a fixed time span block and diverting traffic on alternate routes," he added. 

SECR’s construction department started building the bridge on Friday midnight and completed the works by 8 pm on Saturday, thus building the 24-meter-long RUR in 44 hours only.

Agarwal further added that it took a 44-hour block, de-launching of nine RCC boxes of narrow gauge (NG) line, deconstruction of the existing abutment of narrow gauge RUR existing six girder bridges and a launch of 16 precast RCC boxes of 6mx6m size to make the RUR happen.

Chief engineer (construction) AK Pandey revealed that heavy machinery including high capacity (600m & 300m) cranes, two hydraulic excavators and hydraulic concrete breakers, tippers and other equipment were used to execute the construction work.

Pandey added that the construction involved detailed planning and a lot of movement of goods and passenger trains, as it was not a Greenfield project.

"It was a mammoth task to keep the freight trains moving on alternate routes, which could be done with detailed planning and monitoring. The work involved 180 workers besides 30 odd supervisors," he said.

Information source: timesofindia

Title image source: india.uitp

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