In Conversation With Akshaye Rathi As Nagpur's Smruti Cinema Completes 32 Years!

For the last 32 years, Smruti Cinema is offering the best experience to movie buffs at one-fourth price of the multiplexes.

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In the era of multiplexes, single screen cinema hall is losing its charm. Well, in Nagpur Smruti Cinema is amongst the few single screen theatres which not only upgraded itself but also made the lower-middle-class section of the society rush to the theatre an ultimate movie-going experience.

With its pocket-friendly ticket rates and continuously improving infrastructure, Smruti Cinema has always been an integral part of ever Nagpurkar’s life.

Now that Smruti Cinema has stepped into its 32nd year of entertainment, Reacho Nagpur got in a conversation with Smruti Cinema's Akshaye Rathi who is also a Director of Vidharbha Exhibitors Pvt Ltd.

Keep reading as he tells about the evolution of theatres in India specifically in Nagpur and much more!

What made you invest in Smruti Cinema?

Well, it wasn’t me who started! It was my grandfather who is the flag bearer of the Smruti Cinema. Back then, going to cinema halls to watch movies was not a luxury but a habit. This was because, in that time, going for a movie was the only source of entertainment that people had. When we talk about the 70s and 80s, film business was growing and investing in the movie industry was a very lucrative business. And the sole motto of my family is to provide entertainment to the people at the most affordable price.

A lot has changed in the last 32 years. Do you consider multiplexes as your competitors? 

We don’t think multiplexes are our competitors because the kind of audience we cater is completely different. We want people who cannot afford a ticket of Rs 300 and a cold drink worth Rs 150. We don’t want people to experience amazing films on a big screen not just once or twice in a year but every month of the year. 

What do you think is the future of single-screen cinema halls?

According to me the kind of movies which are coming from the last couple of years and will come in future are the movies which you don’t want to see on your TV sets or mobile phones. There will be more movies like ‘Padamavati’ and ‘Thugs of Hindostan’. I also think with the right kind of pricing, facilities, and quality, it’s not a difficult task for single screens to survive.

Smruti Cinema has been an integral part of every Nagpurkar's life. What are your next plans for its upgradation?

Recently we have upgraded the projection and made few changes in the sound system. Time and again, we add new technologies to the cinema. We have already partnered with Cinépolis, a Mexican chain of movie theatres. We have upgraded our food and beverages. All these things are provided at pocket-friendly rates. 

In the end, Akshaye Rathi invited people from Nagpur to visit Smruti Cinema and get the same experience as one would get in multiplexes. And too, at one-fourth price!

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