Nagpur’s Best ‘Fast’ Food Courts You Should Visit, This Shravan!

From crispy brown sabudana vadas to lip-smacking thick lassi, Nagpur has a lot to offer you in this holy month of Shravan.

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Amidst the sunshine and rain, the auspicious month of Shravan is here to shower us all with happiness, health and wealth. Shravan is that month of the year where Hindus usually avoid eating non-veg and tend to keep fast on all the Mondays that fall in this month.

Well, if you are one of those who is inclined to keep a fast then, here’s the list of upavas snacks that you can savour on.

1. Sabudana vada:

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You would surely love to devour in this heavenly golden-brown balls of sago pearls served with curd-peanut chutney! And the best place to find this is Shubhash Mishtaan and Ghugre

2. Farali Chivda:

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Grated potatoes lightly fried with peanuts and sprinkled with varied spices makes this chivda a snack to die for. Getting cravings already? Then visit, Shubhash Mishtaan!

3. Sabudana Usal:

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A plate full of white-fluffy tapioca pearls adorned with green chilli and curd is the best duo to binge on, thinking to savour it? Here's the place where you'll find it in Prabhat, Shivaji Nagar!

4. Khoya Jalebi:

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Tastes like gulab jamun but looks like a Jalebi. This chocolate-brown twisted delicacy is a mix match of awesome taste with a punch of sweet sugar. Having a sweet tooth? Then pay a sweet visit to Raj Sweet Mart, Rajiv Nagar.

5. Masala Doodh:

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A tall glass of milk embellished with diced almonds and pistachio make this masala doodh the best thing in this entire world to binge.Visit Ghate Restaurant in Mahal for this heavenly experience.

6. Haldiram's Upwaas Thali:

If you are fasting and at some point, you feel like having a complete meal then the only place to hit on is Haldiram's (All joints).

7. Lassi:

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A thick milky-white curd churned with the sweetness of sugar makes this Lassi the most outstanding beverage to jump on. Have a sweet tooth? Then surely visit Ram Bhandar!

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