Samvidhan Square Gets A Makeover; Zebra Crossing Painted Red And White

NMC chose the red and white color scheme so as to increase the visibility of the zebra crossing.

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‘Add a dash of red for attention’ is not just a mantra of the stylists while getting ready for a party night.

The Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) has adopted this technique to paint the zebra crossing at Samvidhan Square. The new makeover of this busy square has now become a head turner and a talk of the town.

Ditching the tradition color scheme of black and white, the NMC chose to go ahead with red and white in order to increase visibility. However, it ain’t a first for the city civic agency to dabble with colors.

Back in 2016, the Raja Rani Square in Civil Lines was seen getting the red and white zebra crossing. But the novel idea only saw the daylights for six months.

TOI spoke to a traffic police officer who was on duty when they visited the square. “Since Saturday morning, motorists are slowing down their vehicles considerably while approaching the junction,” he said.

According to NMC’s executive engineer (traffic) AG Bodhile, this step was taken for better safety of the pedestrians. The new colored zebra crossing was applied only after it was approved by the municipal commissioner Abhijit Bangar’s consultation with experts.

Since the tar roads across the city are being concretized, NMC decided to go ahead with more visible zebra crossing at least on experimental basis to begin with. “In future, all zebra crossings at major junctions, around 154 in number, will be painted red and white,” he said.

The new zebra crossings have been painted with cold plastic paints. The paint will remain for four years if the roads are maintained. Earlier, NMC used to paint the zebra crossing using white thermoplastic paint.

In comparison to the traditional paints, the cold plastic ones are costly. NMC ended up spending Rs. 2.5 lakhs for the Samvidhan square makeover. “We will paint the zebra crossings only at three sides, while one side of the square (for traffic coming from LIC Square) will be painted later due to ongoing Metro pillar construction work,” he said.

On being enquired about the shabby road signage and missing zebra crossing, Bodhile said that NMC will paint all the mandatory road markings once the cement road works and Metro works are done.

While speaking to TOI, Deputy commissioner of police (traffic) Raj Tilak Roushan appreciated the move and asserted that the new colored zebra crossing is easier to catch sight of from far. “Also, it has better visual appeal,” the DCP said.

Vishrut Landge, head of department from civil engineering branch, VNIT, said “As per the IRC specifications, zebra crossings have to be in black and white. However, there have been instances wherein a different colour has been used,” he said.

“The aim is to demark the area reserved for pedestrians. Three dimension zebra crossings have been used in Lucknow and Chandigarh. The basic aim is to make the driver and pedestrian aware of their area,” he added.

Information source: timesofindia

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