40-Year-Old Hangs Himself From A Tree In Ravi Nagar Square, Nagpur

An unidentified 40 year old male ended his life this morning by hanging himself from a tree on a bustling street.

Suicide, Nagpur, Ravi Nagar, Amravati Road, Unidentified 40 year old commits suicide

An unidentified local, probably living somewhere around Ravi Nagar area, committed suicide this morning by hanging himself from a tree. What was surprising however was that he chose to end his life on the bustling Ravi Nagar square.

According to an eye witness, the man climbed the tree with a rope in hand, tied the rope to the tree, made a noose with it, put it around his neck and then ended his life by jumping off the tree.

A traffic cop was standing near the tree when all this happened. When the policeman saw that the man was about to hang himself and jump off the tree, he cried out for help, but unfortunately, wasn’t able to stop the man from taking this extreme measure. Since the victim had climbed high up on the tree, the policeman couldn’t eve bring him down immediately. The constable soon beckoned help and a senior police officer arrived at the scene. By the time the rope was cut and the man was brought down, it was too late.

The eye witness also testified that the police found a suicide note written in Marathi in his pocket along with his wallet.

His aged father reached the spot soon after receiving this devastating news. He apparently told the police that his son was going through a rough patch financially and also had some family issues.

The body was wrapped in a white sheet and was taken for post mortem.

The tragic incident happened right opposite Thakur Apartments in Tilak Nagar, near Ravi Nagar Square.


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