You Have To Try These Lip Smacking Dishes In Nagpur, This Ramadan!

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and Muslims around the world observe fast during this whole month.

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Ramadan is here and markets are flooded with amazing yum temptations. Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and Muslims around the world observe Roza during this whole month.

Sehri is the meal consumed early morning before fasting, where Muslims prefer to eat healthy yet light food, which gives energy and protein in the whole day.

But when the sun sets, people finally break their fast with some lip-smacking delicacies and follow it with dates. 

Nagpur being the geographical center of India Nagpur, the food served here includes variety and fusion of various states and cultures. And food during Ramadan is no exception!

Hence, if you want to try out some delicious dishes and are disappointed that Nagpur has no place like Mumbai's Mohammad Ali Road, then you're in for a sweet surprise! Well, scroll down to know more!


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Taula is basically a gravy dish which contains juicy meat. You can have you taula with chapatti, rice or Indian bread.

Taula is an authentic dish and has some interesting history behind it, however, you can find this epic dish only in Mominpura. The best Taula is served in Hotel Rehman.

#Gosht Haleem

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If you have any idea about Hyderabadi food, then you must have definitely heard about haleem. Haleem is a mixture of 7 types of daal (lentils), in addition to fried onions and lemon juice. However, there is another dish called Khichda which is quite similar to Haleem.

You can find your plate of Haleem at Mohammad Ali Road in Mominpura.

#Keema Samosa and Keema Puri

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Samosa stuffed with potato is okay but Kheema Samosa is love! Keema Samosa and Keema Puri are too similar dishes stuffed with steamed keema, onion, green chilli and spices. One can find these typical Iftari dishes in Bartaniya hotel in Mominpura.

#Khaja Sweets

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Sweets are something that an Iftari table must have and a popular dessert is Khaja. Although this is a famous East Indian dish, Nagpurkars have their own version. 

The batter of Khaja is made up of Maida (wheat flour). People in Nagpur mix two edible colors in batter, most likely orange and green (differently), roll it to make a puri and give it a tricolor feel. 

Hotel Babu in Mominpura will serve you the best Khaja in Nagpur.

#Halwa Paratha

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If you can find this mouth watering and delectable dish during Ramadan then you are really lucky! Halwa Paratha is a sweet confection where halwa is garnished with tutti frutti, powdered coconut, and dry fruits. Paratha is the Indian flatbread which has several layers of cooked dough.

You can find Halwa Paratha in the stalls near Jama Masjid, Mominpura.

#Afghani Murgh Kebab

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Although we have innumerable varieties of Kebabs in veg and non-veg, Afghani Murgh Kebab is something you must, next time. There are many places where you can find Afghani Murgh Kebab but food stalls at Avasthi Chok Jafar Nagar are the best!

#Chai Gulgula

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This is a kind of mini doughnut made with maida (wheat flour) and is a mildly sweet-salt snack accompanied with chai (tea). However, Gulgula is a breakfast dish but you can have it even in Iftari. Its soft fluffy texture and crisp corners will satisfy your taste buds like never before.

Haji Gulgula Hotel who brought this dish to Nagpur way back in 1944 has the best Chai Gulgula in the city!

#Mawa jalebi

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If you have never tried mawa jalebi, then Ramadan is the best time to grab a bite. This royal dessert can be tried at the Burhanpur Wala in Mominpura.

Droolworthy, right?! Well, stop drooling and start planning your trip here, this Ramadan!

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