5 Places in Nagpur Which You Should Avoid Visiting, This Valentine's Day

While you must have read hundreds of blogs on how to celebrate this Valentine’s with your partner, places to hang out on February 14, we’ll tell you something different. Like LITERALLY!

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And 14th February is back! For madly in love couples, the Valentine’s Day is a celebration of their relationship. For forever singles, it’s a nightmare as they have to tolerate an overdose of PDA. But for a certain section who claim to be the torchbearers of Indian culture, it is nothing but an opportunity to indulge in some photo-op. No, we’ll not name anyone. But it’s quite understood, right?

While you must have read hundreds of blogs on how to celebrate this Valentine’s with your partner, places to hang out on February 14, we’ll tell you something different. Like LITERALLY!

Nagpur and Valentine’s Day share a love-hate relationship. Every year, there are at least two incidents where a couple is harassed or the girl is forced to tie rakhi on the wrist of her boyfriend. (GOT reference, anyone?). Well, never mind!

 All this and more, in the name of moral policing. While there are many restaurants, cafes, and lounges, where you can chill and spend some lovely moments with your Valentine, there are certain places which you should avoid visiting, when you’re in Nagpur.

Reacho cares for you and hence, we’ve compiled a list of 5 such places in Nagpur that can spoil your Valentines.

1. Futala Lake:

Source: Hotel Pritam

This is the most likely place which couples choose to spend the V-Day. But, this is also a favorite for the moral police. With a huge number of police officials, on duty, the whole atmosphere of the Futala lake is far from being romantic. A big no-no, if you’re opting this as your hangout spot.

2. Ambazari garden and lake: 

Source: Blogspot

Couples embrace themselves in the name of embracing nature, by choosing this particular spot. But in reality, this is not in the list of safe places, which you can visit on February 14. Police and political parties have conducted several raids in the garden. Hence, if you want your Valentine date to go all smooth, kindly avoid visiting this one!

3. Reshim Baug

Do we need to specify why this place? Well, if you’re celebrating Valentine’s, anywhere near Reshim Baug, then you will hear those three magical words, for sure. And I’m not talking about- I Love You! 

Arghhh.. YOU ARE ANTI NATIONAL, maybe!

4. Botanical Garden

Source: PDKV

If you want to indulge in some cheap thrills (there’s no pun intended, there!), then Botanical Garden is the best place (with minimal entry fees) to go on a Valentine’s Day. Well, it’s actually not a good idea, to visit this garden either! There were several incidents in the past, where police in association with the local media, raided the whole area. So if you want to find yourself on the front page of next day’s newspaper for all wrong reasons, take our advice- GO FOR THIS PLACE!

5. Maharajbagh Zoo

Animals in Maharajbagh Zoo entertain school kids and families with their antics. Please don’t scandalize the kids with your love antics. Just AVOID visiting this place!

This Valentine’s, try opting for a decent cafe or a restaurant to spend some tender moments with your partner, peacefully. Spread love privately rather than displaying it publicly. Because trust me, it's ANNOYING!


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