5 Places In Your Car That Should Be Cleaned But Aren’t!

From cup-holders to headliners to even trunks, you should definitely clean these places of your car.

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If asked, the place in which you spend a considerable amount of time, apart from your home sweet home, your answer would definitely be your beloved car. Moreover, your car is that personal space in which you eat, drink, listen to music, dump wrappers, spill cold drinks on the seat, but unlike your home, you forget to clean this space.

Once in a blue moon, you feel the need to clean the interiors of the car and we don’t blame you for that. It’s the car wash boy that you’ve appointed who needs to be blamed.

While he goes all his way out to make your car look all brand new, he somehow fails to clean these 5 places in the car.

But what are these six places? Wait. Let us tell you, one by one!

1. Cup holders

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Remember the last time you bought a takeaway from KFC and sipped the oh-so-delicious crusher in the car all your way home. But can you remember that a speed bump spilt some of it on the cup holder? No, right! Cup holders should be cleaned but they aren't. Most of the cars have removable rubber liners, which can be popped out and washed.

2. Headliner

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The roof of your car is another ignored part which your bucket boy forgets to clean. The removal of stains from the headliner requires extra efforts as the fabric can retain moisture if cleaned carelessly. The right amount of right product and a right way to clean is all that is required!

3. Carpets

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While cleaning the car, the bucket boy cleans the floor mats but somehow fails to clean the carpets below those mats. This is that section of the car that has the most amount of dirt, dust and smell. Hence, this part needs more attention!

4. Trunk

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Stepney and flat tyre making equipment, garden tools and supplies, car cover and what not! Your car’s trunk is that old attic which you hardly pay any heed to. And that needs to be cleaned, ASAP! This is one such place which is more prone to roadside salt, moisture and dirt. Just ask your bucket boy to remove the unnecessary dumped things and wipe out all the dirt.

5. Seats

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Shocking, isn’t it? Well, this is also one of the five places in your car which one should be cleaning but he isn’t. The little spaces between the seat bolster are nothing but magnets of dust and should be cleaned properly!

After reading this article, if you feel the urge to inspect your car and eventually find all these places in a mess, you should definitely call out the bucket boy for his negligence. And if you’re looking for a car washing company which will give you value for the money you pay in addition to paying attention to minute details, then you should opt for Wash on Wheel, any day!

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