9 Places Every Book Lover In Nagpur Must Know About

Our weekend is sorted, what about yours?

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We are surrounded by gadgets all the time. Be it our phones (err, sorry smartphones!), tablets or laptops. It almost feels like we live in a virtual bubble. Even as I type this article, I am checking my phone every few minutes. Right from our food to fashion, everything comes to us through a screen. As the screens in our hands become bigger and bigger, our worldview becomes smaller.

But even in this era dominated by gadgets, what is keeping the world sane is books, the real books (For book lovers, ebooks are not the genuine stuff). I know Kindles are convenient, have an amazing storage capacity and don’t really occupy much space, but the joy of holding a paperback or hardcover book is unmatched!

Nagpur still has book lovers who crave for quiet weekends with books and maybe some coffee. Since the weekend is here, we thought why not give the Nagpur bookworms a few places where they could have a good time.

Rajaram Sitaram Dixit Library

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All Nagpur bookworms have visited this library at least once in their lives. Situated in the bustling Sitabuldi market, this is one of the oldest libraries in the city. Their amazing collection of books and the quaint building have an unmistakable old world charm.

Did we mention, the books there, smell incredible!

The Breakfast Story

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Imagine a lazy Sunday morning, when all you want is some comfort food and a book, but you don’t really want to cook. Well, shouldn’t be a problem, head straight to The Breakfast Story, and your Sunday morning is sorted. A quiet corner with some coffee, pancakes and a book, Bliss!

We know what we are doing this Sunday!


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Remember the excitement around the town when Crossword first opened a store in Nagpur? Even after all these years, Crossword still remains bibliophiles’ favourite spot; be it to buy books or just to sit and read.

Reading Rabbits Library

This amazing library is dedicated to tiny tots from 0-14 years. Isn’t that great? This library has a wide range of books starting from picture books, phonetic books and bath books, to novels and comics. What better way to inculcate reading habits in your children than a fun and interactive library?

Tapri- The Chai Books Cafe

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Want to have a quick afternoon chai, but away from the noise of the tea stall? Tapri Chai Books Cafe is the place you should head to. With their amazing book collection and an equally interesting menu, Tapri Cafe is taking the chai experience to another level.

Sahitya Prasar Kendra

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The first place that comes to our mind when someone says Marathi books is Sahitya Prasar Kendra. You name the author or the book and they will have it! From novels to plays to poetry, this place is a one-stop shop for all the dardi sahitya premis of Nagpur.

P.S. - The storekeeper kaka has great book recommendations!

Friends Library

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This tiny Library in Ramnagar has some of the most amazing books you’ll get to read as a teenager. From young fiction to classics to Chacha Chaudhari comics, whatever your taste is, you’ll find something to read here.

3 Beans Coffee Bar

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If you want to spend some me time with just a book and some iced tea or hot chocolate for the company, 3 Beans is your go-to place. From Sidney Sheldon to Paulo Coehlo, whatever your mood, you’ll find something to read here.

Popular Book Store

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If you claim to be a book lover and you haven’t been to Popular, you are not a true blue Nagpur book lover! I mean, who doesn’t like to go to this tiny bookshop that takes you on a magical journey! Jam-packed with books from all different genres, Popular is a bookworm’s paradise.

P.S- The owners of this shop are really sweet too!

Weekend= Sorted!

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