Panchsheel Cinema Becomes The First Solar-Powered Theatre In Nagpur

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Panchsheel theatre in Nagpur has become the first movie theatre in the city to harness solar power.

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Source: Cinema

An 11.3 kilowatt system has been installed which will take care of almost 50% of the theatre’s energy consumption. The theatre owners have also planned to renovate the theatre and create more space on the roof to install a bigger solar system to serve 100% of the energy requirement.

“These days, a movie theatre requires a huge amount of energy. The customers expect luxury and they’ve become energy-greedy. For operators, this is an additional cost,”,  said a representative of the company.

The owners have invested Rs. 7.93 lakh for installation of the system which will generate 17,010 kW over one year, reportedly.

The CEO of Panchsheel Cinema said, “When I was approached by the company, I was convinced only after understanding that the system will run seamlessly. There is no battery required, just the solar system connected to the grip. There is nothing in it that needs to be guarded for the whole day.”

Nagpurians don’t have shortage of sunlight, and now we also know how to make the best of it! Hence proved.

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News Entertainment Food Travel World Events Nagpur Pune Reacho

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