To Fight With Upcoming Water Crisis NMC Proposes 12 Core Project

Total 44 proposals worth over Rs36.54 crore will be discussed in front of standing committee

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Ahead of the summer session, Nagpur Municipal Corporation has, at last, began to undertake measures to prevent the upcoming water crisis.

To keep alternate sources of water supply ready, a proposal has been prepared by NMC’s waterworks department of Rs12.08 crore to keep alternate sources of water supply ready. Currently, the city has two major sources of water Totladoh reservoir and Kanhan River.

NMC is going to reinforce the water supply system, including cleaning of public wells, installing electric pumps, digging new bore-wells, and setting up hydrants.

The standing committee submitted the proposal on February 9. According to the proposal, 12 crore will be distributed for different work as follows:

Rs 2.23 crore- wells cleaning

Rs49.75 lakh- electric pumps installing

Rs 5.22 crore- mini water schemes

Rs 3.56 crore- new borewells

Rs 20.25 lakh- installation of new hydrants

Rs1.50 lakh- rejuvenating old borewells

Rs 18.75 lakh- rainwater harvesting

Due to poor rainfall, the Vidarbha Irrigation Development Corporation (VIDC) had already asked for a drastic cut in NMC water consumption.

190 mm3 reservations have been made by NMC in Totladoh, while as per norms VIDC says it should be only 106 mm3. However, a case is no process for the same in Maharashtra Water Resources Regulatory Authority (MWRRA).

Standing committee chairman Sandip Jadhav had gone through all the 44 proposals worth over Rs36.54 crore in a meeting with the panel.


Information Source: TOI

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