NMC Sets Year 2023 As The Deadline To Make Nag And Pili River Sewage-Free

The time limit has been set keeping in mind the completion of the Nag River Pollution Abatement Project.

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Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) has marked 2023 as the year by which the Nag and Pili rivers will be sewage-free.

The time limit has been set keeping in mind the completion of the Nag River Pollution Abatement Project which is worth Rs. 1,252.33 crores.

The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), who will be funding the project, has been informed about the set deadline.

While speaking to TOI, NMC consultant Mohammed Israil said that the project will be wrapped up well within the closing date.

“Works are likely to begin from April next year. National River Conservation Directorate (NRCD) is the nodal agency of the project and NMC is the implementing agency. NRCD will constitute a committee to issue work orders for executing the works,” he said.

Israil also revealed that the sewage lines will be 1,362.50 km long.

It will be put down in the north and central sewage zones of the project.  “Sewage treatment plants (STP) of 10 million litres per day (MLD) have been constructed at Mokshadham on Nag river and Mankapur on Pili river. Three STPs with capacity of 72 MLD will be constructed at Shankar Nagar (5MLD) and Morbhavan bus stand (30 MLD) on Nag river and Martin Nagar (37 MLD) on Pili rivers,” he said.

“Nagpur Improvement Trust (NIT) has also proposed to construct STPs on the two rivers. The sewage water remaining apart from these STPs’ capacity will be taken directly to Bhandewadi for treatment at major STPs through new sewage lines. Thus, entire sewage will be treated,” he added.

The bifurcation of the total cost of the project Rs. 1,252.33 crore is bifurcated as Rs. 1,090.28 crore on the sewage line and the rest of the amount on the works.

Israil further said that the storm water will also be filtered out before adding to the rivers.

“We have planned interceptions at the inlets of stormwater drains where all types of garbage and waste will be collected and cleared,” he said.

The project as originally planned in 2011. The process of getting the project approved and implemented is being carried on ever since.

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