NMC De-Chokes More Than 80% Of Trees That Face Danger Of Choking

Remaining 20% or 1,775 trees will be de-choked in the next few weeks.

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According to a recent survey, the Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) discovered that of the 25,237 trees within the city limits, around 10,472 trees loomed under the threat of choking by the trunks. The rest of the 14,765 trees were out of harm’s way, as per the report.

It was municipal commissioner Abhijit Bangar who issued directives to conduct the said survey. He led the survey and guided through until the end. On conclusion he recommended various measures to keep the city’s green cover secure and intact.

Furthermore, of the 10,472 choked trees, 8,697 trees were successfully de-choked. The remaining 1,775 trees will undergo de-choking in the next few weeks, as told in the press statement handed out by the garden department of NMC.

The initiative of de-choking the trees alongside city streets has been intermittently followed up and reviewed by municipal commissioner Bangar. In a review meeting that was held on May 28, Bangar ordered freeing up of 3,718 trunks in the next two weeks. The department then de-choked 1,943 trees in a week’s time.

750 trees of the remaining 1,775 trees are owned by the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) and the state public works department. Both the entities have been approached by NMC for the de-choking of these trees.

Apart from de-choking, NMC is further planning to plant as many as 82,500 saplings under the state government’s tree plantation programme, city mayor Nanda Jichkar revealed on Tuesday. Jichkar has made an appealed to the government offices, educational institutions, NGOs and people to partake in the drive that is scheduled to be held on July 1 and make it a successful event.

Information source: timesofindia

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