NIT's Parking Plaza At Variety Square To Reopen This Month

At present, the plaza has eight floors and can accommodate 72 cars.

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Car owners might finally be get some relief in Sitabuldi area as the parking plaza at Variety square is all set to reopen.

The multi-level parking plaza which was Nagpur Improvement Trust (NIT) operated had been shut since October 2016 due to no operator coming forth for its maintenance.

Car owners, who were ready to shell out the parking fees, were denied the facility because of the aforementioned reason. The plaza will finally be reopened this month onwards.

PP Dhankar, executive engineer (west), said Ashfaq Ali Ramzan Ali has been awarded the contract.

“The work order will be issued soon and then he will open the parking facility for the public,” he added.

Dhankar added that the contract has been given for 10 years. “Ali will pay us a royalty of Rs7.5 lakh per annum. It will increase by 15% per annum. Parking charges will be decided by the operator and we have not imposed any conditions in this regard,” said Dhankar.

At present, the plaza is of eight floors and can accommodate 72 cars. Lifts in the plaza are used for parking the cars. About 4 cars can be parked on each of the level, there being 18 levels in total.

Although the plaza was officially inaugurated in September 2013, it had no takers for the longest time. To reap benefits of the contract, the plaza should have at least 150 cars for parking on a daily basis. However, it rarely got more than 50 on a weekday. To make matters worse was the parking of Eternity mall which was already functional in full swing.

Poor vigilance of the traffic police is another reason for the parking’s poor response. Car owners would end up parking anywhere near the square without being reprimanded by the police. In fact, having the Sitabuldi police station situated at the square, too, did not help.

Now that the parking plaza has finally reopened, we hope it drives away the parking menace and the facility be a catalyst in curbing it.

Information source: timesofindia

Title image source: wikimediacommons

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