Nagpurkars, Why Travel In India When You Can Go Abroad At The Same Price!

Why be satisfied with Goa or Dharamshala, when you could go to Mauritius or Indonesia for the same price?

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Just like us, you too must be watching and rewatching travel vlogs on youtube and envying those Youtubers. But all you can actually do (read afford :p) is plan trips to Goa or Dharamshala.

We say, why be satisfied with small things when you can dream of bigger things. So, why be satisfied with Goa or Dharamshala, when you could go to Mauritius or Indonesia for the same price?

Wondering if we are living in a bubble?

Check out these amazing deals by Beyond destination, before you judge our sanity.


Image result for thailand Image source: gadventures

Experience a perfect blend of old and new in Thailand! That’s not it, there’s a cruise too!

Budget- Rs 20,000


Image result for srilanka Image source: hospitality.ik

Forests, mountains, beaches, tea gardens and a unique melange of cultures, awaits you in Srilanka.

Budget- Rs 35,000


Image result for singapore Image source: timeout

Visit the dazzling city of Singapore at such affordable rates!

Budget- Rs 35,000


Image result for bali Image source: thejakartapost

With a rich history and a beautiful landscape, a vacation in Bali is something magical!

Budget- Rs 40,000


Image result for mauritius Image source: tui

Want to witness an amalgamation of Indian and French culture? Head straight to Mauritius!

Budget- Rs 55,000


Image result for dubai Image source: telegraph

Travelling to the land of manmade wonders and serene deserts is now affordable too!

Budget- Rs 40,000


Image result for maldives Image source: kuoni

Want to enjoy a laid-back beach vacation? Maldives is where you’ll get that perfect beach vacation!

Budget- Rs 50,000


Related image Image source: eurovoix

Souks, hamams and delicious kebabs, a visit to Turkey is nothing less than the Arabian Nights!

Budget- Rs 60,000

So, why wait? Plan your winter vacation already!

This article is brought to you by Beyond Destination, Nagpur's well-known travel agency. For more such lucrative offers, you can contact Akash Katole of Beyond Destination at +9372502300. 

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